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Supporting our clients in their digital ambitions

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“Our vision for the future: to accelerate progress by uniting people, business and technology”

– Thierry Breton, Chairman & CEO –

We are leaders in digital services with pro forma annual revenue of circa € 12 billion and circa 100,000 employees in 72 countries, serving a global client base.


We strive to create the firm of the future. We believe that bringing together people, business & technology is the way forward. At Atos, we embrace this journey, striving to remain the trusted partner that delivers digital empowerment to our clients.


We are the Worldwide Information Technology Partner for the Olympic & Paralympic Games.


A Societas Europaea (SE), we are listed on the Euronext Paris market. We operate under the main brands Atos, Atos Consulting, Atos Worldgrid, Bull, Canopy, Unify and Worldline.

Our Expertise

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Consulting & Systems Integration

Business & Platform Solutions

We transform strategic approaches to technology, combining innovative solutions with established ones.

Managed Services

Infrastructure & Data Management

We create business benefits through intelligently managed IT.

Cloud & Enterprise Software

Cloud & Enterprise Software

We provide Cloud Services as a business strategy for core processes.


Transactional & Payment Services

Through Worldline, we provide unrivalled expertise in e-payments and digital solutions.

Big Data & Security

Big Data & Security

We combine Big Data & Security as a business differentiator.

Communication Software & Platforms

Communication Software & Platforms

Through Unify, we combine voice, data and video enabling digital transformation.

We deliver worldwide

12 billion atos annual revenue

annual revenue

100000 atos employees

Employees circa

72 atos countries


Our recent achievements

Extreme technologies: reaching new frontiers

Atos remains at the cutting edge of technologies that provide organizations with intelligence for their digital transformation. In 2016, Atos launched state-of-the-art products in the areas of Big Data, Cybersecurity and Mission-Critical Systems, helping its customers transform their data into insights and their insights into action.

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Rio 2016: Atos helps delivery of truly digital Olympic Games

Atos has been the worldwide IT Partner for the Olympic Games for eight consecutive games. In August 2016, Atos helped make the Olympic Games Rio 2016 the most global, connected and digital Olympic Games in the history of the Olympic movement

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Delivering on our North American ambitions

Atos in North America is a powerful lever of growth in the world’s largest and most competitive IT and digital services market and Atos’ revenue in the region has significantly grown — becoming our largest single geography.

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Worldline: pioneering the future of payments and digital services

Worldline is the undisputed leader of the European market for payment and transactional services. The merger with Equens and the acquisition of its merchant acquiring subsidiary PaySquare, together with the creation of KB Smartpay in the Czech Republic, have strengthened Worldline’s leadership position and enabled it to offer customers the economies of scale of a unique pan-European platform.

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The origin of Atos

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Merger between Axime and Sligos

1997 - Merger of two French based IT services companies – Axime and Sligos

Atos was formed from the merger in 1997 of two French-based IT services companies –Axime and Sligos – each of which had been established out of earlier mergers. By 2000, Atos employed 11,000 staff and generated annual revenues of approximately € 1.1 billion.
Merger between Atos and Origin

2000 - Merger between Atos and Origin

Origin was a subsidiary of Royal Philips Electronics, which had been formed in 1996 from the merger of BSO/Origin and Philips Communications. At the time of the merger with Atos in October 2000, Origin employed more than 16,000 staff in 30 countries worldwide and generated annual revenues of approximately € 1.6 billion.
Creation of Atos Consulting

2002 - Creation of Atos Consulting

KPMG Consulting’s businesses in the United Kingdom and The Netherlands were acquired in August 2002 to establish Atos Consulting. This transaction provided the Group with a major presence in the Consulting segment of the IT services market.
Acquisition of Sema Group

2004 - Acquisition of Sema Group

Sema Group was acquired from Schlumberger in January 2004, thereby creating one of the leading European IT services companies. At the time of the acquisition, Sema Group employed 20,000 staff and generated annual revenues of approximately € 2.4 billion. Atos Origin employed 26,500 staff, generating annual revenues of more than € 3 billion.
Acquisition of Siemens IT Solutions and Services

2011 - Acquisition of Siemens IT Solutions and Services

On July 1, 2011, Atos announced that it has completed the acquisition of Siemens IT Solutions and Services – to become a new IT champion. The deal created a new company with pro forma 2011 annual revenues of € 8.5 billion and 74,000 employees across 48 countries. Ranked in the top ten global IT services providers; number five in managed services worldwide and the number one European player in Europe, the new company is a powerful combination of two highly complementary organizations.
Acquisition of Bull, the world leader in Cloud, Cyber-security and Big Data

2014 - Acquisition of Bull, the world leader in Cloud, Cyber-security and Big Data

On August 11, 2014, Atos announced the successful completion of the tender offer launched by Atos for all the issued and outstanding shares in the capital of Bull. The transaction represented a key milestone in the creation in Europe of a world leader in Cloud, Cyber-security, and Big Data. The deal created a new company annual revenue of circa €10 billion and 86,000 employees in 66 countries.
Acquisition of Xerox ITO

2015 - Acquisition of Xerox ITO

On July 1, 2015, Atos announced that it has completed the acquisition of Xerox ITO, of which the business is mainly in the United States. As a result, Atos totals 93,000 employees across 72 countries.
Acquisition of Unify

2016 - Acquisition of Unify

As of February 1st, 2016, Atos completes the acquisition of Unify from Gores Group and Siemens, creating a unique integrated proposition for unified communications to improve business performance and support digital transformation. The Services activity of Unify (c. € 0.4 billion annual revenue) is integrated in the Atos Division “Infrastructure & Data Management”.

Our brands

Atos brand

We are a leader in digital services serving a global client base. Atos is the masterbrand of the Group, providing the fundamental values and identity that the sub-brands are based on.


Atos Codex is a solution brand combining advanced technologies for connectivity, data analytics and cyber security.

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Atos Consulting

Atos Consulting is an Atos subsidiary with highly skilled consultants to develop strategic approaches to technology, from innovation to implementation.

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Atos Worldgrid

Atos Worldgrid is an Atos subsidiary to deliver integration projects and real time Smart Energy solutions to Energy & Utilities companies across the power, water, oil & gas value chains.

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Bull, Atos technologies

Bull is the Atos brand for its technology products and value-added software which assist clients in their digital transformation, specifically in the areas of Big Data and Cyber-security. Bull is the European leader in HPC.



Canopy, Atos cloud

The Atos brand for cloud, Canopy is a cloud services integrator, enabling customers to drive business transformation through open, orchestrated cloud services.

Atos Canopy Cloud Solutions

Unify, Atos collaboration solutions

Unify is the Atos brand for unified communication and real time capabilities enhancing social collaboration, digital transformation, and business performance of its clients.


Worldline, Atos epayment services

Worldline is an Atos company and the European leader in the payments and transactional services industry. Worldline employs 7,300 people and generated € 1.15 billion revenues in 2014.