Commodity and innovation

In an increasingly globalized sector, chemical companies face a dual challenge: maximize the efficiency with which they produce established commodity products, while at the same time developing new and often personalized propositions for the next generation of customers. Digital transformation in chemicals becomes critical in meeting both these challenges.

New business opportunities demand new business practices

The future of the chemical industry is materializing. Companies must meet the ongoing demand for commoditized bulk products. In parallel, they are developing new value-added propositions, often with innovative service elements, and often in specialist target markets.

The pressure to drive down costs across the supply and distribution chain and improve efficiency in the chemical industry in unrelenting, but in the chemical industry, for both established and innovative product lines, there can be no compromise in meeting the highest standards of compliance and environmental responsibility.

The digital impact on the chemical industry is direct and far-reaching.

As a partner in digital transformation, Atos will ensure that the design and execution of your digital strategy remains intelligent, adaptive and focused.

We will ensure that as a forward-thinking chemical company, you know the most effective way of using emerging technologies in the chemical industry.


In the EU, chemical companies had to handle a 60% rise in regulation.

The Atos digital cycle of life of a product

Discover the evolution of product lifecycles in the digital world.

Customer transformation challenges

Look at digital transformation in chemicals from four perspectives …

Customer experience

How can new digital landscapes help you create more active relationships with business, and even consumer customers?

Operational excellence

How best can chemical companies establish a comprehensive and actionable map of realtime intelligence across extended production and distribution eco-systems?

Business reinvention

Where do new alliances and opportunities lie, allowing you to compete in new geographies while building a differentiated brand and reputation?

Trust and compliance

Looking beyond regulatory pressures, how does your security strategy protect intellectual property while allowing you to compete in the data economy?


Key services for our chemical clients

Industry 4.0 exploration

Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things

Every chemical facility must now be smart and connected.

Atos codex analytics

Atos Codex Analytics Solutions

Putting cognitive at the core of chemical research, production and market analytics.

Digital Transformation

Envision and execute a differentiating digital transformation strategy.

Cyber Security

Managing all aspects of security and compliance across the chemical eco-system.

End-to-End SAP HANA

Making SAP HANA an agile and resilient platform for winning chemical companies.

Digital Workplace and Unified Communications

Boost collaboration and productivity right across the distributed workforce.

What our customers say about us

Global agricultural company

A leading international agrochemical company updates operating systems and critical operational server applications with Atos Life Cycle Management


Watch this video and learn more about the Covestro Easy Casting App created by Atos based on SAP

Multinational Chemicals Company

Atos and Multinational Chemicals Company asked how recent advances in the Internet-of-Things could help their clients achieve even higher and more cost-effective standards in pest control


Together with FunderMax, Atos has designed and developed a Digital Sales Support App, empowered by Apple™ SDK on the SAP Cloud Platform

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