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Locked in before lockdowns: How the Olympic Games’ digital operations met the demands of COVID-19.

The speed and agility required to execute the Olympic and Paralympic Games during COVID didn’t appear overnight. The IOC and Atos have been leading their jointly-managed technology organization to this point for 30 years.

Client stories

US-based MiNO Marine outsourced its HPC infrastructure to the Nimbix Cloud for accelerated engineering analyses that helped the company make waves in a well-established market.

Tokyo 2020

While adding DevOps and cloud-native architecture to the Olympic Games stack, Atos adopted microservices with Micro Focus LoadRunner supporting the new model.

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Transforming the Olympic experience with Atos

Michèle Hyron

From hardwiring to containerizing, Michèle Hyron saw and oversaw vast digital change at the Olympic and Paralympic Games. A chief integrator’s retrospective.