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Leading action towards Net Zero

2022: Turning climate pledges into action

2021 was a pivotal year for progress on climate change. Climate science was mainstream news and the goal of 1.5 degrees was kept alive by the Glasgow Climate Pact at COP26. Looking forward, 2022 has the potential to be another vital year on the journey to net-zero.

Interim Managing Director of Atos’ Net Zero Transformation Practice and CEO of EcoAct Northern Europe, Stuart Lemmon looks at what is on the climate agenda for 2022 and how he hopes to see organizations turn net-zero pledges into climate action.

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What is net zero?

Net-zero emissions is a state when we achieve a balance between greenhouse gases (GHGs) emitted and removed from the atmosphere. It requires rapid decarbonization in line with a 1.5 degree trajectory and carbon removal equivalent to any emissions remaining, via nature-based solutions.

Leading net zero transformation

We believe through bold climate action a net-zero future is possible. Atos has long prioritized decarbonization and in 2021 we strengthened our portfolio of decarbonization services to become leaders in secure and decarbonized digital.

Wherever you are on your journey to net-zero we have the capabilities to build an effective strategy and deliver on ambitious targets through our global skills, resources and network of over 200 climate experts.

Net-Zero Heroes

Join us in celebrating the climate achievements of our clients through a series of interviews, videos and events.

These success stories and tips on best practices, will help inspire more organizations to take action, reduce emissions and commit to the net-zero transition.

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Join the Net-Zero Heroes
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Innovation for net-zero

Knowledge is power on the journey to net-zero. When a society can clearly see and share evidence of what’s happening, then it can act. Be that at a global, policy, business or individual level.

Terra² app

During COP26 we launched our Terra² app. Terra² brings satellite imagery from the world’s largest Earth observation program together with data from a global network of sensors to create the most comprehensive pictures of Earth.

Download it and share it with your stakeholders to access climate data that can:

  • Inform policies
  • Measure decarbonization initiatives
  • Influence stakeholders and governments
  • Drive behavioral change for a safer, more sustainable future

Digital technology is a key enabler for net zero

Across the world, the momentum to reach net zero is growing fast. Digital adoption is also accelerating rapidly, particularly in offering new solutions that facilitate net zero transformation.

EcoAct’s climate expertise is now firmly embedded into Atos. Our end-to-end service helps our clients and partners adopt digital technology that significantly reduces their carbon emissions so they can reach net zero. Digital decarbonisation improves efficiency, reduces costs and drives innovation to achieve success. We believe climate action makes commercial sense.

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Action required

The climate challenge is a chance for businesses to lead the way to sustainability while building reputational and competitive advantage. Carbon reduction improves efficiencies, reduces costs and drives innovation to achieve success. Put simply, climate action makes commercial sense.

How to reduce your carbon intensity

Our Decarbonization Center of Excellence guides global organizations through three phases to reduce carbon in core digital and business processes. No matter your industry, we’ll work with you on individual components of the phases or all three end-to-end, depending on your needs.

Our Key Solutions and services

Set an effective net zero strategy

An effective net zero strategy that is both ambitious and achievable first requires precise measurement of an organization’s impact. Accurate data and a baseline are key.

Digital – Reduce the carbon impact of your technology

Digital technology is a key enabler for businesses to reduce carbon emissions.


Carbon-offsetting projects help many organizations achieve carbon-reduction targets while working to reduce emissions.

Industry – Reduce the carbon in your broader business processes

With our strong industry experience, Atos is developing net zero transformation solutions for specific industry sectors.

Here’s what we are delivering for our customers

City of Grenoble - Building tomorrow’s city

Atos Worldgrid builds a smart grid for a large sustainable urban development project

Read more about building tomorrow’s city >

Innocent Drinks - Creating a future-proof digital factory

Innocent Drinks selects Atos as digital partner for carbon-neutral factory

Read more about creating a future-proof digital factory >

Total - Decarbonization using quantum algorithms

Atos partners with Total to explore pathways to a decarbonized, energy-efficient future

Read more about Decarbonization using quantum algorithms >

The Future of Media is Green

EcoAct and Greenspector support France Televisions in the decarbonization of its new media NOWU

Read more about the partnership

Thought leadership


Growing demand for expertise, coupled with workforce shortages, poses a significant challenge to achieving net-zero. This whitepaper by Atos and Johnson Controls explores the urgent resources gap and the key role of partnerships to support the transition.

Download the whitepaper >

Why Atos

We are leaders for sustainability in digital services and technologies.

We continue to develop our expertise in the combination of environmental sustainability and digitalization to contribute to the reduction of emissions caused by digital technologies. We like to lead by example reducing the carbon emissions under our influence.

Read more about Atos Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility

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Key news

Atos at COP26: Global decarbonization leader underlines pivotal role of digital innovation in fight against climate change

Atos launches Terra² mobile app to provide the most comprehensive satellite images of Earth, empowering policy makers in their race to Net Zero

Atos creates faster path to net zero with market-first end-to-end portfolio and Center of Excellence

Atos boosts its decarbonization ambition committing to Net Zero by 2028

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