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Leading action towards Net Zero


UN Climate Change Conference Glasgow 2021

COP26 is a pivotal moment for the future of climate change, and the time to act is now. The time for the global community to move beyond low carbon — to no carbon — is now.

As a signatory of the Climate Pledge and contributor to the Race to Zero, the UN initiative for net-zero, Atos is contributing to the worldwide effort to help businesses reach net-zero.

In preparation for COP26, during the negotiations and following the event, learn about the Atos net-zero story — as well as our clients’ stories — to see best practices, challenges and innovative solutions that drive net-zero transformation.

What is net zero?

Net-zero emissions is a state when we achieve a balance between carbon emitted and carbon removed from the atmosphere. This continuous process is carried out through decarbonization and supporting nature and technology based solutions.

Leading net zero transformation

Decarbonization has long been a priority for Atos, and we believe that through bold climate action a net zero future is possible.

Wherever you are on your net zero journey, we can help build an effective strategy and deliver on ambitious targets through our climate expertise and efficient digital solutions.

Net-Zero Heroes

Between now and COP26 in November, join us in celebrating the climate achievements of our clients through a series of interviews, videos and events.

Their success stories and tips on best practices, will help more organizations to take action, reduce emissions and commit to net-zero transition.

Find out more about Net Zero Heroes.

Join the Net-Zero Heroes
Want to share your net-zero story? Find out how you can become a Net-Zero Hero! Contact us.

Innovation for net-zero

Knowledge is power on the journey to net-zero. When a society can clearly see and share evidence of what’s happening, then it can act. Be that at a global, policy, business or individual level.

Terra² app

During COP26, watch for the launch of our Terra 2 app. Terra² brings satellite imagery from the world’s largest Earth observation program together with data from a global network of sensors to create the most comprehensive pictures of the Earth. Download it and share it with your stakeholders to access climate data that can:

  • Inform policies
  • Measure decarbonization initiatives
  • Influence stakeholders and governments
  • Drive behavioral change for a safer, more sustainable future

Digital technology is a key enabler for net zero

Across the world, the momentum to reach net zero is growing fast. Digital adoption is also accelerating rapidly, particularly in offering new solutions that facilitate net zero transformation.

EcoAct’s climate expertise is now firmly embedded into Atos. Our end-to-end service helps our clients and partners adopt digital technology that significantly reduces their carbon emissions so they can reach net zero. Digital decarbonisation improves efficiency, reduces costs and drives innovation to achieve success. We believe climate action makes commercial sense.

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Action required

The climate challenge is a chance for businesses to lead the way to sustainability while building reputational and competitive advantage. Carbon reduction improves efficiencies, reduces costs and drives innovation to achieve success. Put simply, climate action makes commercial sense.

How to reduce your carbon intensity

Our Decarbonization Center of Excellence guides global organizations through three phases to reduce carbon in core digital and business processes. No matter your industry, we’ll work with you on individual components of the phases or all three end-to-end, depending on your needs.

Our Key Solutions and services

Set an effective net zero strategy

An effective net zero strategy that is both ambitious and achievable first requires precise measurement of an organization’s impact. Accurate data and a baseline are key.

Digital – Reduce the carbon impact of your technology

Digital technology is a key enabler for businesses to reduce carbon emissions.


Carbon-offsetting projects help many organizations achieve carbon-reduction targets while working to reduce emissions.

Industry – Reduce the carbon in your broader business processes

With our strong industry experience, Atos is developing net zero transformation solutions for specific industry sectors.

Here’s what we are delivering for our customers

City of Grenoble - Building tomorrow’s city

Atos Worldgrid builds a smart grid for a large sustainable urban development project

Read more about building tomorrow’s city >

Innocent Drinks - Creating a future-proof digital factory

Innocent Drinks selects Atos as digital partner for carbon-neutral factory

Read more about creating a future-proof digital factory >

Total - Decarbonization using quantum algorithms

Atos partners with Total to explore pathways to a decarbonized, energy-efficient future

Read more about Decarbonization using quantum algorithms >

Port of Esbjerg – Creating a Carbon Neutral harbour

Atos and the Port of Esbjerg start a joint decarbonization project

Read more about creating a leading Carbon Neutral Harbour >

Why Atos

We are leaders for sustainability in digital services and technologies.

We’ve been carbon-neutral since 2018 – offsetting the full scope of our operational emissions. Now, we’re on track to achieve net-zero by 2028 – neutralizing all carbon under our influence, including suppliers and partners. The scope of our intent is 10x larger than Atos itself and fully 22 years ahead of the Paris agreement’s 2050 deadline.

Atos is ranked Number 1 in the IT and software services sector by the Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes (DJSI) World and Europe indexes in 2020.

Atos is named on CDP ‘A List’ for leading efforts against climate change in 2020.

Atos is awarded Platinum by EcoVadis for its outstanding CSR performance in 2020.

The Atos 2020 Integrated Report has been prepared in accordance with the GRI Standards and has successfully completed the GRI Content Index Service.

Atos is awarded SEAL Sustainability Award as one of the top 50 most sustainable companies worldwide in 2020.

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