Datacenter Cloud Transformation

Accelerating enterprise modernization through data center transformation

Funding Data Center Takeout to Drive Transformation

Organizations are increasingly looking to move out of their data centers to reduce waste, focus on core business innovation and save on infrastructure costs. However, moving out of a data center and into the cloud undoubtedly requires a financial investment. But customers can realize a positive ROI almost immediately and free up capital for modernization efforts by leveraging cost takeout solutions.

Data Center Exit is an opportunity for enterprises to divest from traditional, legacy data center operations and migrate to a cloud-first IT strategy. Atos helps enterprises escape their legacy environment to free up resources for modernization and digital initiatives.


By 2025, 80% of enterprises will have shut down their traditional data center, compared with just 10% today, according to Gartner.

Our vision

Atos builds cloud and hybrid cloud data infrastructures to help organizations navigate and execute Data Center transformations to lower risk and cost, while maximizing business value.

To build your “Atos OneCloud”, the new strategic program launched by Atos, find out more here.

Your Benefits

Taking advantage of a compelling event – such as a financial imperative (facility maintenance, lease, restructuring, Covid-19), or a customer demand for better digital services or even contract re-negotiations (for software, services or support) – will allow you to achieve great benefits:

Increase efficiency of IT estate

Fund change program

Net near and long term economics

Modernize for market agility

Cash from balance sheet assets

Reduce carbon footprint of IT

Why Atos?

40+ regional delivery centers

11 multi-tenant cloud hubs

8 global delivery centers

Successful migration and closure of 40+ data centers in the last 45 years

Agile Delivery. Business Outcome Focused.

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Our experts

Simon Withers

Atos OneCloud, Global Head of Portfolio & Engineering

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Jeroen Staarink

Solution Executive – Cloud and Innovation

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