Automation and Robotics

Reducing costs and releasing talent

Freeing people from manual process while gaining differentiating intelligence.

32% of organizations have already implemented some level of robotics and automation, yet most don’t have the strategic focus to reap full benefits


Could you benefit from a joined-up approach to automation and robotics – an approach which not only reduced costs but also created differentiation with real-time intelligence?

With the integration of AI capabilities of Automation technologies combined into one Atos Canopy Cloud platform, Atos is advancing and converging Automation in such a way that not only augments work, but replaces work digitally.

automation and robotics

A complete guide to automation and robotics

We go beyond consulting and initial implementation of automation and robotics. We follow through with ongoing management and optimization, ensuring the highest performance levels in operation.

Pay by results

We will agree on quantifiable benefit in advance, and you will pay only according to targets achieved.

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Analytics capacity

Analytics is key to measuring benefit and Atos Codex delivers advanced analytics.


Choose from a library of pre-set cases for rapid and risk-free progress, from orchestration to autonomic and cognitive computing.

No time wasted

Strict timing schedules – twenty weeks from analysis to results is reasonable.

Focus on the areas of greatest immediate reward

Atos offers a clear, phased approach to adopting and implementing automation and robotics, with an extended ecosystem of software partners. Data output from automated process becomes input for advanced analytics, creating a chain of business intelligence and continuous advance.

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Cognitive Robotics Automation Consulting

Robotic automation in the back-end performing the actual execution of the automated routine or programmed software robot.

Cognitive Robotic Automation Solutions

Supports software development and operation from design to build, test and deployment of software.

Robotic Process Automation as a Service

Central service management process control and “brain” of our solution which manages incidents, changes, service requests, problems and even escalations like a “human”.

Test Automation

Accelerate testing throughout the lifecycle, broadening coverage and improving quality.

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Principal Consultant, Business Performance Improvement
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Program Manager – CoE DWP & Cx
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Partner, Head of Business Performance Improvement

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