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The Atos Expert Community is our driving force for technical collaboration, ideation, and innovative research and development. Our experts help to steer our business strategy; building our R&D roadmap by anticipating technology trends that will enable products and services that will be needed by the market.

Our community has over 2,400 members across the globe, specializing in a wide range of subjects that we categorize into eight strategic technologies: advanced computing (including quantum), artificial intelligence, automation, cybersecurity, edge, hybrid cloud, immersive experience and modern applications.

Our experts have freedom and support from our business communities to continuously learn, discuss and experiment — making the most of their knowledge and sharing it throughout the company and beyond.

“Expertise is a key driver of success and performance, and a differentiation in our market. By providing our experts with a supportive and stimulating environment, we encourage innovation, improve R&D capabilities and nourish our collective intelligence.”

Sophie Proust, Group Chief Technology Officer, Atos

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White Paper

HPC & AI-as-a-service

With the democratization of High-Performance Computing (HPC) and the expansion of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in research and industries, organizations require more flexibility and more simplicity in the way they provide end-users with computing resources.

Scientific Article

Web Portals for High-performance Computing: A Survey. Published in ACM journal

This article addresses web interfaces for High-performance Computing (HPC) simulation software.

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