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Elie Girard, Chief Executive Officer, Atos

Elie Girard is a graduate of the École Centrale de Paris and of Harvard University. He began his career as auditor at Andersen, before joining the Ministry for the Economy, Finance and Industry in the Treasury department.

Between 2004 and 2007, Elie Girard worked for the Office of the Minister for the Economy, Finance and Industry in France.

He joined Orange in 2007 and was appointed Chief of Staff to the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. From 2010 to 2014, he was Senior Executive Vice-President in charge of Strategy & Development of the Orange group, member of the Group Executive Committee.

In April 2014, Elie Girard joined Atos as Deputy Chief Financial Officer of Atos Group. He was appointed Group Chief Financial Officer in February 2015 and Group Senior Executive Vice President in February 2018. In March 2019, Elie was appointed Group Deputy Chief Executive Officer. He became Chief Executive Officer of Atos in November of the same year.

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At Atos, our mission is to help design the future of the information technology space.

Our services and expertise, multiculturally delivered, support the advance of knowledge, education and science and contribute to the development of scientific and technological excellence.

Across the world, we enable our customers, employees and as many people as possible to live, work and develop sustainably and confidently in the information technology space.

Group Management Committee

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The role of the Atos General Management Committee is to develop and execute the Group strategy and to ensure value is delivered to clients, shareholders, partners and employees. The General Management Committee, led by Elie Girard, Chief Executive Officer, is in charge of the global Group Management.

Elie Girard

Chief Executive Officer

Eric Grall

Head of Manufacturing and Chief Operating Officer

Adrian Gregory, Head of UK & Ireland

Adrian Gregory

Head of Financial Services & Insurance and Head of Atos|Syntel (supported by Rakesh Khanna, CEO Atos|Syntel)

Pierre Barnabé

Head of Public Sector & Defense and Head of Big Data & Cybersecurity

Jean-Philippe Poirault

Head of Telecom, Media & Technology and Head of Southern Europe

Giuseppe Di Franco

Head of Resources & Services

Robert Vassoyan

Head of Healthcare & Life Sciences and Head of Unified Communications & Collaboration

Simon Walsh

Head of North America

Ursula Morgenstern

Head of Central Europe

Peter ‘t Jong

Head of Northern Europe

Nourdine Bihmane

Head of Growing Markets and Head of Public & Regional

Jo Debecker

Head of Infrastructure & Data Management

Enguerrand de Pontevès

Head of Performance

Uwe Stelter

Chief Financial Officer

Philippe Mareine

Chief Digital & Transformation Officer and Head of CSR

Paul Peterson

Head of Human Resources

Sophie Proust

Chief Technology Officer

Alexandre Menais

General Secretary

Gilles Arditti, Head of Investor Relations & Financial Communications

Gilles Arditti

Head of Investor Relations and Internal Audit

Marc Meyer

Head of Executives and Head of Marketing & Communications