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Thierry Breton, Chairman and
Chief Executive Officer, Atos

Thierry Breton has been Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Atos SE since 2009.

Prior to that, he held several global leadership positions, including CEO of electronics multinational company Thomson (1997-2002) and CEO of Europe’s largest telecommunications company France Telecom (2002-2005).

He served as France’s Minister for the Economy, Finance and Industry (2005-2007) before becoming a professor at Harvard University (2007-2008).

Thierry Breton has been named one of The 100 Best-Performing CEOs in the World (2010) by the Harvard Business Review and has been granted the Montgelas Prize (2015) for outstanding actions in favor of French-German cooperation.

He has been elected President of the French National Association for Research and Technology (2015) and member of the French Academy of Technologies (2016).

A Commander of the National Order of the Legion of Honour, Thierry Breton graduated from the Paris École Supérieure d’Électricité (Supelec), and the Institut des Hautes Études de Défense Nationale (IHEDN, 46th class).

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Thierry Breton, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Atos

The General Management Committee

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The role of the Atos General Management Committee is to develop and execute the Group strategy and to ensure value is delivered to clients, shareholders, partners and employees. The General Management Committed, led by Thierry Breton, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, is in charge of the global Group Management.


Thierry Breton

Atos Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Worldline Chairman

Charles Dehelly

Senior Executive Vice President, Global Operations and TOP Program

Gilles Grapinet

Senior Executive Vice President, Global Functions & Worldline Chief Executive Officer

Michel-Alain Proch

Senior Executive Vice President, Chief Executive Officer, North America Operations, IT, Security

The Executive Commitee

Composed of the General Management Committee and:

Group functions

Elie Girard

Chief Financial Officer

Philippe Mareine

Head of Human Resources, Logistics, Housing and Head of Siemens Global Alliance

Marc Meyer

Head of Executive & Talent Management, Communications

Alexandre Menais

Head of M&A and Corporate Development, Legal, Compliance and Contract Management

Gilles Arditti

Head of Investor Relations & Financial Communications

Olivier Cuny

General Secretary

Global Divisions

Eric Grall

Head of Infrastructure & Data Management (which includes BPO)

Philippe Vannier

CEO of Bull, Group Advisor for Technology

Ursula Morgenstern

Head of Business & Platform Solutions and Head of Cloud

Jon Pritchard

CEO Unify Software and Platforms


Marc-Henri Desportes

General Manager

Sales & Markets

Patrick Adiba

Chief Commercial Officer and CEO Olympics & Major Events

Bruno Fabre

Head of Telcos, Media & Utilities

Kari Kupila

Head of Siemens Account

Geographic Business Units

Chad Harris

President of North American Operations

Adrian Gregory

Head of UK & Ireland

Winfried Holz

Head of Germany

Jean-Marie Simon

Head of France

Peter ‘t Jong

Head of Benelux & the Nordics

Hanns-Thomas Kopf

Head of Central & Eastern Europe

Ivan Lozano

Head of Iberia

Herbert Leung

Head of Asia-Pacific

Francis Meston

Head of GBU Middle East, Africa & Group Digital Transformation Officer

The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors determines the strategy and trends of the Company’s activity and oversees their implementation.

Thierry Breton

Atos Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Worldline Chairman (French)

Nicolas Bazire

General Manager of Groupe Arnault SAS (French)

Valérie Bernis

Executive Vice-President of Engie in charge of Communications, Marketing, Environmental & Societal Responsibility (French)

Roland Busch

Member of The Management Board of Siemens AG (German)

Jean Fleming

Operations Director, Business Process Services at Atos IT Services UK Ltd (British)

Bertrand Meunier

Managing Partner of CVC Capital Partners Ltd (French)

Colette Neuville

Chairman & Founder of ADAM (French)

Aminata Niane

Interim Manager for the return of the African Development Bank to its registered offices in Abidjan (Senegalese)

Lynn Paine

Senior Associate Dean of Harvard Business School, John G. McLean Professor of Business Administration (American)

Pasquale Pistorio

Chairman of the Pistorio foundation (Italian)

Vernon Sankey

Officer in companies (British)