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The Atos Scientific Community aims at crafting the Group’s vision for the future of technology in business, and anticipating the upcoming trends and technologies that will reshape businesses and society in the years ahead.

This global network comprises 170 of the top scientists, engineers and forward thinkers from across the Group, with a rich mix of skills and backgrounds.

Latest publications

• Unlocking virtual dimensions

Journey report

Unlocking virtual dimensions

Explore the forces that will shape digital enterprise over the next four years

digital human interaction

White Paper

Shared Cross-Reality Collaboration: The fourth dimension of digital human interaction

This paper provides information on spatialized digital human interaction across mixed reality spheres.

White Paper

A 2021 perspective on edge computing

This paper provides a review on the state-of-the-art and today’s edge computing practices, specifically focusing on the software tools that enable the execution of workloads at the edge.

Position Paper

Could DNA be the next big thing in data storage?

DNA storage sounds a bit like science fiction, but the quest to make DNA a storage medium has been around much longer than you might think. This paper details the current state of play in DNA storage and considerations organizations should make for it.

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Digitally-enabled precision healthcare – Read the case studies

How Atos enables clients to deliver digitally-enabled precision healthcare with non-contact patient triage and monitoring

Governments and corporations are moving fast to develop novel solutions to address the pandemic situation, such as introducing contact tracing apps by governments and initiating new collaborations between corporations.
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How Atos enables clients to integrate exposomics in digitally-enabled precision healthcare

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) defines exposome as “the measure of all the exposures of an individual in a lifetime and how those exposures relate to health”. Exposomics, the study of exposome, complements genomics, which is the basis for precision medicine.
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How Atos enables life science organizations to deliver innovations in precision medicine

Advances in genomics research and in other areas of life sciences powered and enabled by technology takes the entire value chain to the next level allowing the implementation of the different facets of precision medicine.
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Atos Thought Leadership blog

Read the Atos Thought Leadership blog where Atos experts and thought leaders share their insights and personal views on a wide range of business and technology topics.

July 19, 2022

How an empowerment culture improves digital resilience: Lessons learned from start-ups

In conjunction with the release of our publication Journey 2026: Unlocking Virtual Dimensions, we have started a blog series that provides additional insights into future trends that may shape global industries in the next few years.Today, we are focusing on digital resilience and how organizations must adapt to thrive in crises. One…

July 6, 2022

The magic number is two

In times of unpredictable disruptive changes, resilience is a must-have quality to survive and thrive. But how can you achieve it?Organizations are not yet fully leveraging approaches from fields such as probability, forecasting (unpredictability), complex decision making (uncertainty) and risk management. In this blog post, you will find three such approaches – all related to the number “two” – giving you actionable…

May 6, 2022

Edge, swarm, cloud and next-generation networks: Unlocking virtual dimensions

Recently, I delivered a session to a university on the topic of the future of work which turned out to be a great learning experience, both for me and for the students I addressed. The insight that I gained was that after graduation, many students living in remote areas would like to continue working in…

May 2, 2022

Helping healthcare and life sciences organizations face future uncertainties using digital

The pandemic has been a game-changer as it tested the resilience of organizations, forced them to innovate, devise a new way of engaging with customers and renew focus on employee and workforce wellbeing.The healthcare and life sciences industry was under pressure to deliver results at speed. Hospitals worldwide were running at total capacity,…

April 19, 2022

To the metaverse, yes, but far beyond

Every two years, the Atos Scientific Community reports on future technology-related business trends, in a sense, inviting readers to engage in thought experiments with a purpose: to be prepared now for what’s coming within the next four years. Our latest report, “Unlocking virtual dimensions” was released April 4. The thought experiment There is nothing particularly new in the concept…

February 8, 2022

Low-code and co-developers: The next step in accelerating development

In my previous blog, we discussed how software development is experiencing several changes that are helping accelerate and democratize application creation. We also looked at how no-code platforms empower everyone to build applications and solve issues on their own. In this article, we will focus on the technologies available to enable software engineers…

February 3, 2022

DNA computing and storage: toward decarbonized hybrid computing

Yesterday’s deluge is here About a decade ago the term “data deluge” was popularized, referring to the exponential increase of digital data and the huge efforts that would be required to store and process it in the future. Well, that future is now, and the trend is nowhere near stopping. There is a growing gap between our capacity…

January 26, 2022

Are you ready to be a developer? No-code can make it happen.

Over the last few years, software development has evolved with user expectations of quicker time to market and lower costs. During the pandemic, we have seen a rapid acceleration of some trends that started a few years ago, especially in the current context where new applications to support digital business…

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