The value of industry-centric open innovation


Concrete industry use cases and vertical applications are at the heart of Scaler.

Scaler startups add value to our customer journey:

• They answer customer challenges, with concrete industry-specific use-cases.

• Customers already confirmed their interest for their solutions.

• They integrate with Atos industry offerings and are ready to sell.

Growing the startup business

We give the startups access to our customers and partners. Helping them sign new business translates open-innovation into concrete business realization.

• The first rule of Scaler is that all startups meet our customers. Even further, they’re integrated into account planning in all regions.

• We not only plan with the startups. We execute together. They participate in demos at all BTICs (Atos Business Technology & Innovation Centers). And they’re on the agendas of 300 customer innovation sessions per year globally.

Toward decarbonization

Scaler supports our commitment to leadership in decarbonized digital transformation. One of the selection criteria for our candidates is how they contribute to a decarbonized digital world.

Together with Scaler startups, we develop new solutions that make decarbonization a competitive advantage.

Enhancing Digital Security

Our partnership approach keeps us innovating with global leaders and startups alike — with constant focus on digital security.

We protect end users, IoT networks and data by anticipating and preventing threats. We secure the connected world, from smart cities and transport to Industry 4.0.

We secure mission-critical aerospace-and-defense systems. And with solutions like sovereign cloud, data portability and blockchain traceability, we provide overall economic security for citizens.


Data management platform for Autonomous Driving

Public Sector & Defense

Secure and sustainable IT disposal

Solving fraud & Cybercriminality with multifactor biometrics

Financial Services & Insurance

Sharpen decisions in Financial Services with explainable Deep Learning

Model driven AI solutions for financial services

Telecommunications & Media

Smart Video platform for Media & entertainment

Resources & Services

Predictive maintenance and life extension solutions for wind turbine

Leverage the untapped potential of data with the first Data Hub designed for energy and environmental actors

Healthcare & Life Sciences

Worlds’ first intelligent ‘escheduling’ system for Healthcare organisations

Re-engineering the entire healthcare value chain & patient journey

Advanced Technology & Cybersecurity

Bridging the cybersecurity gap between IT and OT environments

We build quantum computers


Ecodesign your digital services

Carbon accounting, reduction and reporting in one single software

Isabelle Warnier
Head of Scaler