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«Atos is in a unique position relative to hardware peers as its professional services expertise is a key strength in engaging with and developing edge solutions for customers.» Catie Merill, Senior Analyst, TBR

“Leader of Leaders” in Edge AI

Awarded in 2021 & 2022

Atos named as Leader of Leaders in Global Edge AI

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Analysts estimate that the volume of data reaches 50 petabytes today and will grow up to 1 YottaByte by 2030.

Edge computing is becoming a priority in the Internet of Things. The exponential growth of intelligent sensors and devices is generating an unprecedent amount of data.

It is a new IT revolution, meaning a combination of traditional data centers and edge computing are necessary to provide powerful analytics and machine learning inference capabilities where needed.

BullSequana Edge has been designed to meet these challenges, delivering powerful AI inference and streaming analytics capabilities at the edge while ensuring that all data remains safe and secure.

Analysts expect that by 2025, up to 75% of data will be produced and processed right at the edge of the networks (Gartner).

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Edge computing server range

Plug & play analytics in a compact & ruggedized server

This is a plug & play server for computer vision & predictive analytic purposes. It can be deployed anywhere in a few minutes thanks to its direct camera plug option & ruggedized design and can support up to 2 cameras. It delivers real time inference thanks to its Nvidia Jetson Xavier NX GPU.

  • Ideal for computer vision applications with its Nvidia Jetson Xavier NX GPU.
  • Extremely silent – ideal for AI inference in public areas
  • Rugged for extreme conditions – automatically manages its temperature with its passive cooling system
  • Fast deployment without datacenter infrastructure
  • Remote international server & solution deployment including managed services

Integrates Nvidia Jetson Xavier NX GPU

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AI inference and training outside the datacenter

BullSequana Edge has been designed to provide leading AI acceleration capabilities. For complex and massive video streaming analytics. The server can host up to two powerful Nvidia Tesla T4 or Nvidia A2 GPUs. This enables the inference of complex AI models right at the edge with lowest possible latency. Together with its powerful 16 core Intel® Xeon® processor, BullSequana Edge provides an outstanding compute power-pack for the implementation of up to 512 GB RAM and 28 TB storage in a compact server. It offers very flexible deployment choices such as desktop, wall or rack mount options and offers high performance outdoor or indoor.

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AI inference and training in the datacenter at the edge

BullSequana SA20G rack servers powered by 2nd and 3rd Gen” AMD EPYC™ processors bring a cost-effective balance of performance and storage capacity. By offering up to 100TB in a 2U form factor, up to three Nvidia GPUs, best-in class SAS/SATA and ultra-fast NVMe drives, they provide optimal performance for computer vision and predictive analytics solutions. BullSequana SA20G provide maximized storage density and unbeatable cost per TB to meet growing capacity challenges.

BullSequana SA20G specification sheetDownload Bullsequana SA20G Warranty

Edge computing management and services

Atos provides end-to-end service management for BullSequana Edge, including Edge Computer Vision, Edge Data Analytics, and Edge Data Containers.

This end-to-end service enables, maintains Edge devices and provides secure access locally on both human and machine-interface level. Atos makes sure that functionality and secure connectivity are up-to-date by automatic monitoring of edge devices and identifying unusual events in real time. When needed, software updates are carried out. Most Edge services are delivered remotely.

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Atos Computer Vision Platform

Atos Computer Vision Platform is a unique platform based on pre-trained & custom AI models, powered by BullSequana servers and enriched by a network of 6 labs.

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Outcome-driven AI Platform

An end-to-end data science platform, delivering the fastest track to outcome driven business functions.

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Cloud to edge

Atos enables you to drive the business value you want from your edge.
We simplify application management and deployment, manage edge-to-core-to-cloud infrastructure as one, enforce your security policy everywhere, and run the whole environment for you as a managed service.

Atos BullSequana S and BullSequana Edge servers are Google Anthos Bare Metal certified.

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Put processing power right where it’s needed
– at the edge

  • A unified, end-to-end infrastructure
  • Seamless architecture from data center to cloud to edge
  • Run video and IoT analysis in real time

Adopt a container-based architecture that supports multi-cloud and edge

  • Run legacy and cloud-native apps at the edge
  • Run real time analytics workloads at the branch
  • Create and deploy one application everywhere

A pre-configured, end-to-end security solution in which all components are fully integrated

  • Workloads are encrypted and security policy is enforced from data center to cloud to edge
  • Manage patching across the entire ecosystem centrally
  • Keep devices, applications and data secure and up to date
  • Edge servers are secured physically and logically, and data is protected in motion and at rest

Let Atos manage your entire infrastructure for you

  • Deployment, monitoring and maintenance management from data center to cloud to edge
  • Benefit from our automated platforms, processes and economies of scale
  • Concentrate on adding business value
  • Advancing your organization’s digital transformation

Infrastructure Industrialization Services

With the accelerated need for cloud services within enterprises, cloud computing professionals must be able to react quickly to new needs for their own customers and make existing services as efficient as possible, to build and maintain a competitive advantage.

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BullSequana Edge sets path to a low carbon digital future

In the coming years, all companies are likely to be subject to strict rules on C02 reduction. ln this context, they will have to work to reduce their energy footprint. It is an opportunity to develop a sustainable and resilient business while reducing energy expenditure. To address this challenge, the use of Edge Computing can be effective in reducing the energy footprint of digital.

Maximum inference capability while maintaining a minimum power consumption

Reduce the pressure on network bandwidth

Edge as an opportunity to spare energy costs

Save space on the floor & cooling-less infrastructure


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