Key Non-Financial Performance Indicators

Atos started its sustainability and corporate social responsibility journey over ten years ago and is a recognized leader in its industry across Environment, Social and Governance criteria.

The following tables set out the main Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) relating to Atos Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility linked to its 3 ESG dimensions.

The complete set of KPIs, calculations, scope of perimeter and many other data are detailed in our Universal Registration Document.

Environmental dimension

Material topicKey Performance Indicators
Energy Efficiency of Atos OperationsEnergy Consumption in Offices & Data Centers (MWh)GRI 302-1;
SASB TC-SI-130a.1(1)
Energy Consumption - % of Renewable Electricity in Offices & Data CentersSASB TC-SI-130a.1 (3)67%46%-
Energy Intensity by Revenue
(Total direct and indirect energy)
(MWh per € Million)
GRI 302-348.3251.8061.36
Carbon Footprint of AtosAll GHG Emissions (Scopes 1, 2, 3)
(Millions tCO2e)
GRI 305-
GHG Emissions Atos Carbon Operational Perimeter in KtCO2e
(Scopes 1, 2 and 3 Category 6)
GRI 305-4103161250
GHG Emissions Intensity by Revenue - All GHG emissions
(Scopes 1, 2, 3)
(in tCO2e/€ million)
GRI 305-4_A_c2.1222.0250.7285.8
GHG Emissions by Revenue - Atos Carbon Operational Perimeter[1]
(tCO2e /per € Million)
GRI 305-49.6114.4521.74
GHG Emissions by Employee - Atos Carbon Operational Perimeter
(tCO2e per Employee)
GRI 305-40.971.582.36
Environmental Certification% of main Offices and core Data Centers ISO14001 certified or in the process of being certifiedA1490%89%89%
Core Data Centers[2]Estimated average Power User Effectiveness (PUE) for Core Data CentersGRI 302-5_A1.411.451.52
Carbon OffsettingOffsetting of Atos Carbon Operational PerimeterGRI 305-5100%100%100%

[1] Atos “Carbon Operational Perimeter” regroups all emissions from the energy consumption in offices and data centers (from Scope 1 for fossil fuel and from Scope 2 for electricity and district heating), plus all the fugitive emissions from air cooling systems, plus all business travel emissions (from Scopes 1 for Atos fleet and from Scope 3 category 6 for other travel).

[2] Core Data Centers; Strategic data centers operated by Atos.

Social dimension

Material topicKey Performance Indicators
Employee Satisfaction / Talent Attraction and RetentionGreat Place to Work
Atos Trust Index®
SASB TC-SI-330a.2
% of Positive Responses to "Taking everything into account, I would say this is a great place to work"A263%63%54%
Total number of employees recruitedGRI 401-125,28111,49512,051
Percentage of females recruitedGRI 401-135.7%36.7%33.5%
Percentage of juniors recruitedGRI 401-150.9%47.9%42.9%
Skills Management & DevelopmentAverage hours of training per employeeGRI 404-1524739
Digital Certifications obtained per yearGRI 404-2100,02685,21651,736
Employees' Health & SafetyAverage percentage of employees working from homeA1689%94%-
Global absenteeism rate (%)GRI-4031.9%1.8%2.4%
DiversityPercentage of females within AtosGRI 405-1;
SASB TC-SI-330a.3
Percentage of females within the Group Executive Management[3]GRI 405-1;
SASB TC-SI-330a.3(1)
Number of nationalities within AtosGRI 405-1;
SASB TC-SI-330a.3

[3] Group Executive Management: A network of 450 top senior management holders of management positions and talents. Responsible for implementing strategy and delivering operational performance.

Governance dimension

Material topicKey Performance Indicators (KPIs)Standard
Client Satisfaction and Delivery CapabilityNet Promoter Score from our clientsGRI 102-43, GRI 102-4465%65%59%
Group Overall Customer Satisfaction (from 0 to 10)GRI 102-43, GRI 102-448.618.58.40
InnovationClient Innovation Workshops deliveredA10494424370
Security and Data ProtectionPercentage of coverage of ISO 27001 certificationsA3;
SASB TC-SI-230a.2
Percentage of compliance to malicious code preventionA3;
SASB TC-SI-230a.2
Alleged breaches of customer privacy data resulting in a formal claim above € 300 thousands.GRI 418-1;
SASB TC-SI-220a.3
Corporate GovernanceAttendance rate at Board meetingsGRI 102-2897%96%85%
Percentage of females within the Board of Directors[4]GRI 405-146%46%40%
Compliance with Laws and RegulationsPercentage of employees who successfully completed the Code of Ethics´ e-learningGRI 205-288%98%95%
Number of significant fines
(higher than 300k EUR)
GRI 419-1;
SASB TC-SI-520a.1
Supply ChainTotal percentage of spend assessed by EcoVadis and alternative assessmentsA1768%63%56%

[4] 40% (4 out of 10) pursuant to the legal ratio. In accordance with art L225-23 and L225-27-1 of the French Commercial Code, the Director representing the employee shareholders and the Employee Directors are not to be taken into account to determine the ratio of gender diversity on the Board of Directors.