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Atos Thought Leadership White Papers

Through these White Papers, our Atos Scientific community and Expert community provide expert insights, practical tips and a thorough understanding of how organizations can use technology to drive business growth and achieve successful transformation. It also identifies the technologies which we believe will be key tomorrow and provides the answers on how to leverage them for current and future business needs.


Shared Cross-Reality Collaboration: The fourth dimension of digital human interaction

This paper provides information on spatialized digital human interaction across mixed reality spheres.

A 2021 perspective on edge computing

This paper provides a review on the state-of-the-art and today’s edge computing practices, specifically focusing on the software tools that enable the execution of workloads at the edge.

Technologies & growth: handling the paradox of productivity

Explore the main constraints on productivity growth, despite the potential opportunities presented by emerging technologies. Learn how implementing cost tracking as well as organizing innovations into…

Latest White Papers

Creating Value From Data

How to develop comprehensive data strategies to identify new business opportunities and prepare your company for the digital age.

Darwinism in the Information Space - How algorithms shape digital territories

Explore some facets of how the evolution of algorithms follows a generalized version of the mechanisms of variation and heredity…

Swarm intelligence, the game changer to reinvent our future

It’s time to engage with nature as source of inspiration to create top class value from an ultra-connected world converging digital and physical. Let…

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