Business Technology & Innovation Centers

A unique space to experience Atos innovations

Our Atos Business Technology & Innovation Centers (BTICs) are where ideas become real. Visit them to get hands-on experience of the technologies that will help you meet your transformation challenges and accelerate your business innovation. While you are with us we encourage you to challenge us and we will challenge you to push the boundaries of creativity.

Enter the BTIC to discover the latest technologies and be inspired by new ideas you’ve never had before. Bring these new ideas to life through exploration and testing in the state-of-the-art technological labs. You will come to understand how to make our solutions work for you, so you can bring about major and positive change – now and for years to come.

A collaborative adventure

More than


innovation sessions
each year

A tailored experience for exceptional results

The BTIC is your space – a space for you to think, explore and be inspired. Even though we bring along our most relevant and experienced experts, you’ll be in the driving seat throughout your visit. We don’t pack agendas. Instead we leave time for your unexpected.

During the hands-on sessions allow you will not only discover what we do and why we do it, but also experience what it could mean for you. While we demonstrate our most innovative developments, we’ll share insights and progress ideas with you to help you find tangible solutions that meet your real operational needs.

Your visit to the BTIC will be tailor made and the preparation will be meticulous. Before you come, we’ll discuss your needs and challenges so you know which of your people to bring.

How we create great ideas

Experience solutions

Experiment with the innovations that are transforming the way people think and work across both the public and the private sectors.

Beyond technology

Spend time with the Atos experts with the most relevance to you. After all, with Atos, it’s the brains, the vision and the experience that make the difference.

Practical business development

Get the answers to the business questions that matter to you. What will the solutions cost? What is their ROI? How long will they take to implement?

Industry specific focus

Try your hand at managing a nuclear power station or experience a sophisticated digital asset management system. Our highly-specialized BTIC solutions are designed to help you in your industry.

Innovation Workshops

Innovation Workshops aim to expand the boundaries of your business potential by finding a unique match between your specific challenges and break through Atos solutions. Every Innovation Workshop is unique, tailored to your specific business objectives and leveraging the emerging research of the Atos Scientific Community.




These business transformation sessions give you a unique opportunity to enter our Atos innovation universe. Here you’ll see where Atos, your strategic innovation partner, brings innovation to life through the latest proof of concepts and demonstrations.

Our clients’ most popular innovative topics include:

Data analytics

Data Analytics

Cloud and Mobility

Cloud & Mobility

Cyber security

Cyber Security

Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0

Internet of things

Internet of Things

Formatted to your specific needs


Combining the creative power of your team, our team and ours partners’ teams to inspire truly innovative ideas and solutions that address your specific business problems.

Ideas to Reality

Helping you select the best ideas and the best technologies and prepare to bring them to life through a selective pilot.

Digital Transformation

Helping clients across all industries seeking to become digital businesses through a deeply engaging workshop with significant consulting input.

Strategy and Innovation Board

Working systematically with you on your new and evolving challenges in today’s fast changing ‘digital world’ where an iterative strategy is essential.

Show and Tell

Investigating the emerging potential of digital technologies for your business.

Emerging Technology Tradeshow

Engaging directly with start-ups relevant to your challenges to explore some of the most exciting new digital technologies.

Experience business technology


Business Technology in Action: Discover new ways to generate value

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Business Technology in Action

Our proof-of-concepts showcase around sixty examples of Atos business technology in action. We’d be pleased to schedule compelling, relevant hands-on sessions for your visit. Our demos include:


circuit unify logo

Circuit makes your Teamwork better

Everything your teams need to communicate in a single app. It’s voice, video, screen share, chat and file sharing. It’s collaboration made simple.

Atos codex logo

Atos Codex for Telco

Leverage our digital transformation approach – from an assessment of the potential business value of use cases through agile piloting to full exploitation along various operation models.

Pocs Page


HPC – Sequana Discover Sequana

This new generation of supercomputers is designed to capture, store, compute, analyze and visualize massive data sets at an unprecedented speed.

big data

Big Data appliances

Discover Bull Big Data appliances, designed to simplify and accelerate business use-cases implementation.

Atos codex logo

Atos Codex for Utilities

Exploit your growing data assets to provision compelling new customer services and build new collaborative business models by leveraging the business-oriented data analytics services and functionality we’ve already developed.

Take a closer look

Whatever your industry, business culture or technology perspective, our BTICs are designed as a practical aid to your business development where we exchange ideas and information transparently and candidly. During your visit we’ll identify opportunities of clear mutual advantage. And before you go home, we’ll share a vision of how we can each create value for the other.

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