Atos ecobranding

Aligned with our purpose to design the future of the information space, the introduction of our ecobranding approach reinforces Atos’s commitment to deliver secure and decarbonized digital. Our chosen design elements have been selected to be more sustainable – adopting methods and visual ingredients that minimize our carbon impact.

Dark mode (Digital)

Saving energy


Atos logo


A user interface setting of dark mode displays a light color text (white or gray) showing up against a dark screen on devices with OLED or AMOLED screens.

By selecting dark mode for our digital purposes, we are saving energy consumption on OLED screens by an average of 28%.

Light mode (Print)

Less ink used


Atos logo


A user interface setting of light mode displays a dark text showing up against a light screen. Acting as an alternative to dark mode it is ideal for printing as less ink is used. Formats such as Word documents are much easier to read online in light mode and the mode is also an alternative when considering users with vision disabilities (e.g astigmatism).

Our symbol, the Atos Globe™

Reduced file size


Atos globe


We have redesigned our Atos Globe™ with carbon reduction and increased accessibility in mind. A previous design featuring a gradient that has been removed in favor of a new flat design which is sharper and more accessible.

Variable font

Reduced font file sizes



We have selected to use a variable font called Raleway, with all the styles contained in a single file helping to reduce file sizes, which significantly improves page loading times (by up to 12%) and network exchanges (by up to 59%). With this change we can accommodate increased text sizes without any loss of readability or functionality. The Raleway font was also chosen with improved readability in mind.

Our color scheme

Reduced ink and improved accessibility
Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) score: AA

Atos Ecobrand color palette

Brighter colors with better color contrast means users can reduce screen brightness with the same level of readability. Our colors allow for sufficient contrast in both digital and print, and achieve good accessibility scores for dark mode according to WCAG.

Eco filters

Reduced file size and less ink

We have selected to use blue gradient filters which can reduce image sizes by allowing a deeper image compression. On digital the photos fade to black; on print they fade to white.

Eco illustrations

Reduced file size


Eco branding illustration example


By switching our images to a vectorial format such as SVG we are able to achieve a total size saving of 74%.