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The disruptive power of digital technologies profoundly changes the business landscape in every sector. As a world leader in business technologies, Atos is your trusted partner for digital transformation. We do not only bring the ultimate services in Business Platforms & Solutions, Infrastructure and data management, Big Data & Security, e-Payments and Digital Services. With our Digital Transformation Factory, we have developed end-to-end blueprints to accelerate your digital strategy. By helping you redesign your customer experience, reinvent your business, streamline your operations and enforce trust & compliance in the digital age, we help you create the firm of the future.

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Digital business design

33% of worldwide growth is powered by Digital

Engaging customers and workforce

Mobility and collaborative technologies profoundly change the way we work and consume. Leveraging Atos pioneer expertize, we help you not just providing a better service, but an entirely better consumer and workforce experience.

Man enjoying a poisitve mobile customer experience

Transforming data into Business outcomes

The Economy of data is profoundly transforming most sectors and business models. Through advanced co-innovation, we help you not just to innovate but to reinvent your business.

Enabling the real time organization

Hyperconnectivity, massive computing power and robotic automation are changing the way we operate. Through unique digital leadership, we help you not just do more with less but do better with less.

Ensuring Agile IT Foundations

With the cloud, instant and massive computing power is now at your fingertip. As a leader in Hybrid cloud and application transformation, we help you not just optimize your resources, but adapt constantly to a changing world.

Guaranteeing Trust and Compliance

Today’s open digital ecosystems change the rules of risk and compliance. With our advanced expertise in critical systems, we help you not just to provide security but to create trust.

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