Warning message

Atos Group has been informed of fraud and scam attempts that use various methods to impersonate the company.

In some of these scams, fraudsters attempt to open customer accounts with suppliers and service providers or place orders by posing as an Atos entity, especially by using email addresses such as “atos-belgie.net” or “atos-be.eu”, fake wire transfer orders, and websites (such as www.atos-be.eu or other illegal websites mentioning the name Atos) that redirect to the official Atos Group website in a technique known as framing. The emails feature Atos’ legal name, trade mark and logo, in an attempt making them seem like the genuine emails sent by Atos.

If you have been contacted in the past or if you are contacted by email (from addresses using fraudulent domain name similar to the above mentioned ones), by telephone or even through direct canvassing by individuals wishing to order equipment, products or services, open a customer account in the name of Atos Group (or one of its subsidiaries) or modify your bank account information, please contact us immediately by email info@atos.net.

No Purchase Order, No Pay Policy

Our Suppliers must have passed an onboarding process, including but not limited to agreements on all terms and conditions, compliance requirements and practical aspects of our ordering procedures. Only thereafter are our suppliers entitled to receive our Purchase Orders through our official e-mail addresses. Atos Purchase Orders will not be from e-mail addresses from (named) persons. Our accredited suppliers are aware that Atos operates a strict No PO, No Pay policy. All invoices submitted to Atos must include a valid Atos Purchase Order reference to avoid being rejected.

We are reminding all suppliers that they should not commence work or delivery before receipt of a covering Atos Purchase Order. Any decision to do so will be deemed to be presale at your own risk with no liability on Atos. If you are requested to commence work and you have not received a valid PO, you should remind the requester of Atos’s policy and ask them to contact Procurement at orderdeskatos.eu@atos.net.