Quantum Learning Machine

Get ready for the Quantum revolution

Get ready for the Quantum revolution

As a computing leader in Europe, Atos is facing moore law declining and evergrowing requests of computing power, thus firmly engaged the quantum shift.

Atos launched in 2016 the quantum program piloted by a high level advisory board and supported by R&D investments and laboratory.

This program defined 4 priorities:

  • Quantum algorithms – focused on machine learning
  • Next generation architectures – designing new quantum-powered accelerators
  • Quantum safe cryptography – prepare the cryptography safe from quantum computer attacks
  • Quantum programming platform – complete programming and simulation environment for software development, education and training: The Quantum Learning Machine

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Atos Quantum Learning Machine: develop quantum applications today

The Atos Quantum Learning Machine is a complete on-premise environment designed for quantum software developers. It is dedicated to the development of quantum software, training and experimentation.

The Atos Quantum Learning Machine will emulate execution as a genuine, quantum computer would. Thanks to the bespoke software and hardware developed by Atos,  it has superior simulation capabilities, much more than any other affordable appliance: from 30 to 40 Qubits.

Quantum Learning Machine: deep dive

This appliance is composed of differents highly innovative elements:

  • a scalable and large in-memory infrastructure
  • an extensible data representation model (quantum circuit model)
  • a quantum assembly programming language (based on universal QASM)
  • a high level hybrid language (based on Python)

Atos Quantum Assembler (AQASM) is a core component of this appliance, enabling even to program new quantum gates or mix existing gates and accept quantum programs from others frameworks.

Already widely adopted

Thanks to its scalability, openness and unrivalled power, Atos Quantum Learning Machine is already adopted by major quantum players:

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