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Atos QLM E

Atos Quantum Learning Machine EnhancedAtos QLM E – is a new range of GPU-accelerated Atos Quantum Learning Machine. Atos QLM E offers an acceleration up to 12 times to simulate variational algorithms that a particularly well-suited for NISQ (Noisy Intermediate Scale Quantum) devices, which will be the first quantum accelerators to be commercialized in the next few years.


By promising to apply, in the near-term, computation capabilities that are beyond the reach of even the most powerful existing computers to solve complex, real-life problems, NISQ devices will play an important role in determining the commercial potential of quantum computing. Herein lies a double challenge for the industry: developing NISQ algorithms is as important as building the machines, since both are required to identify concrete applications. Atos QLM E has been optimized to drastically reduce the compilation time of hybrid quantum-classical algorithms simulations, leading to quicker advancement in application research.

Atos QLM E[nhanced] accelerating research in the NISQ era

  • Accelerate your quantum simulations up to 12x
  • Optimized for variational algorithms best suited for the NISQ* era (up to 30 qubits)
  • Upgrade your QLM to a QLM E very easily to benefit from these enhanced features

Accelerate research on variational algorithms using Atos QLM E:

Quantum Approximate Optimization Algorithm

Variational Quantum Eigensolver / Variational Imaginary Time Evolution

Atos cybersecurity Data Protection Governance

Variational Quantum Factoring

Variational Quantum Classifier


Get ready for the Quantum revolution

The quantum shift is coming, it will enable to solve some complex problems faster than the current most powerful HPC systems

As a computing leader in Europe, Atos launched in 2016 the quantum program led by a high level advisory board and implemented by the Atos Quantum lab.

Discover the Atos Quantum ecosystem

The Atos Quantum Learning Machine added value explained

With this statement in mind, Atos has created the Quantum Learning Machine, a complete on-premise environment designed to prepare today the Quantum revolution of tomorrow…

The Atos Quantum Learning Machine approach

  • Help people learn and experiment with quantum computers
  • Develop applications and algorithms
  • Without the need to wait for quantum machines to be physically available

Inside the Quantum Learning Machine

The Atos Quantum Learning Machine is a complete appliance

  • Offering an universal programming environment to avoid the vendor lock-in
  • Simulating up to 41 qubits, on a simple business server physical dimensions
  • Gathering universal quantum programming language (AQASM, Atos Quantum Assembly Language, quantum hybrid language based on Python)
  • Allowing programmers to develop their own algorithms on any existing or future quantum programming framework

Join the Quantum revolution with Atos experts

Atos provides a broad range of services based on the Atos QLM. Our mission, with our Quantum experts, is to accompany you in every aspects.

From the discovery of the Atos QLM appliance, to the development and simulation of your first Quantum codes, our experts’ outstanding teaching skills and the QLM intuitive programming environment gives you the knowledges to join the Quantum revolution.

Atos Fast Start program with the Center of Excellence in Performance Programming

  • Discover the Atos QLM
  • Develop & Simulate your codes
  • Compile & Execute your algorithms…





  • During two days
  • On your premises

Center of Excellence in Performance programming

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