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Accelerate progress toward net-zero through digital decarbonization

Public Administrations & Central Governments

Use digital solutions to measure, plan and act on your decarbonization strategy. It will transform your operations and improve citizen experiences and outcomes

Connected Territories

Boost economic development and citizen quality of life

Public Community Services & Education

Improve citizen services, optimize territorial management and strengthen innovation to attract new investment and new residents

eID Platform

Build the trusted Citizen ID foundations for e-Government and private services

Public Administrations & Central Governments

Secure and simplify your strategy for digital public and private services to improve citizen trust and experience while reducing ID management costs

Sovereign Cloud

Create the sovereign public foundations for the digital era

Public Administrations & Central Governments

Build the open and fully trusted data-driven infrastructure that’s essential to a successful public digital transformation

Satellite Interference Detection

Detect, analyze and localize satellite interferences

Defense, Space & Homeland Security

Rapidly restore signal quality affected by interference and anomalies. Safeguard the levels your customers have come to expect from you

360 Citizen Experience

Enable superior citizen-centric experience

Public Administrations & Central Governments

Orchestrate 360° citizen-centric services across all physical and digital touchpoints for seamless experience, agility, efficiency and trust

Research & Education

Enabling new ways of learning, researching and working

Public Community Services & Education

Accelerate growth and build competitive and attractive learning institutions with collaborative research and education solutions and services

Defense Electronics

Enhance sensing, processing and connecting capabilities for defense platforms

Defense, Space & Homeland Security

Enhance sensing, processing and connecting capabilities for defense platforms and ensure operational readiness and superiority

Civil Servant Digital Workplace

Foster civil servant engagement while driving efficiencies

Public Community Services & Education

Turn the civil servant’s daily grind into an engaging experience with the latest intelligent workplace and collaboration services

Public Data Platforms

Fully connect central & local governments by building sovereign and secure data platforms

Public Administrations & Central Governments

Transforming central & local government processes and services   More efficient joined-up smart services: Better, more sustainable outcomes orchestrated from a single platform Better decision-making: Aggregated intelligence and dashboards to shape policy and services Private sector investment and innovation: With…

NG911 / NG112

Keeping citizens safe in any event

Public Administrations & Central Governments

Take the right decisions, faster, together – under any circumstance. Coordination: Inter-agency collaboration and interoperability Responsiveness: Informed decision-making in real time Resilience: Always flex and scale – even in major crises Easy of use: Help is just one call away Making cities safer with coordinated emergency response services In every situation,…

Data Processing

Make the most of Earth observation data

Defense, Space & Homeland Security

Make use of space data to enhance your activities, focusing on your value-add and the issue you need to solve

Smart Mobility Services

Optimize mobility and parking in your city

Public Community Services & Education

Optimize and develop multimodal and public mobility across territories. Drive decarbonization and improve the quality of life

Border Management

Protect borders from multiple threats while controlling and managing goods and traveler flows

Defense, Space & Homeland Security

Manage people and goods moving across your borders while anticipating and detecting major threats at your regulated and unregulated borders


Protect critical services and infrastructure with end-to-end digital security

Public Administrations & Central Governments

Secure your digital transformation to unlock its full potential. Protect your citizen services and your critical infrastructure

Digital soldier and tactical communications

Real-time situational awareness for combatants

Defense, Space & Homeland Security

Transform soldier experience for battlefield advantage Enhanced situational awareness: Data-oriented intelligence Tactical communications: Multi-network field exchange Resilience and ease of use: Minimum training required Agility and cost-efficiency: Software-defined for flexibility Enhancing soldier communications capabilities on the field Atos’s digital soldier system improves communication and combat capability by giving soldiers information dominance…

Defense Data Platforms

Seamless and insightful data flow for digital mission advantage

Defense, Space & Homeland Security

Exploit the power of data to increase capabilities and improve response times across a fully integrated command chain, from sensors to effectors

Collaborative Combat

Share real-time combat information on the battlefield

Defense, Space & Homeland Security

Optimize joint operations with comprehensive and intelligent collaboration

Comprehensive Satellite Testing

Take your satellite testing to the next level

Defense, Space & Homeland Security

Ensure the satellites you launch work perfectly every time with the Atos EGSE integrated suite of electrical satellite testing solutions

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