Integrated Systems

Preserve and optimize investments over all products lifecycle

Integrated Systems

To speed up digitalization adoption on customer premises, Bull engineered different systems that have in common pre-integration, validation and possibly certification to shorten the “time to market” with a one stop shop and support for simplified operations.

They leverage bullion superior performance and exceptional scalability to preserve and optimize investments over all products lifecycle.

Bullion for SAP HANA®

Unlock new insights in real time!

SAP HANA enables real-time business
Running business based on data in sync with reality is a go-to element for better overall performance and efficiency. Ensuring rapid and secure access to data consolidated in a central repository enables to optimize a production, work on live financial elements or inventories. The key element to go real-time in the Database environments is to have all structured data staged in-memory. In-memory database is an innovative technology to boost performance and unlock new insight.
SAP positioned HANA at the very heart of his strategy and will leverage it’s fantastic possibilities by rewriting it’s applications to deliver new features and insights: it’s the S/4 HANA journey.

Bullion for SAP HANA: the platform of choice

To fully leverage HANA potential, the underlying infrastructure based on the bullion server provides:

Flexibility: bullion for SAP HANA is available in 3 different modes:

     Virtualized by VMware® 

Quality of service: as HANA is a component of the most critical systems, reliability, availability and maintainability of the infrastructure with optimal uptime is an asset. Bullion is fully compliant to this request with many patented innovations

Scalability: the same technology is to be used from small (512GB) to very large (8TB) systems to preserve investments and face the data volume growing challenge. Bullion for SAP HANA has an exceptional scalability.

SAP HANA Appliance by Atos and EMC

Big Data Appliance: unlock new insights in real time!

Big Data offers a high-speed way to transform data into real value.
SAP HANA technology offers best-in-class implementation of in-memory database.
Capitalizing on their long-lasting and strategic relationship, Atos and EMC® bring to the market a new range of SAP HANA®certified appliances, the Bullion for SAP HANA.
It delivers a fully certified, secure, high-performance solution, suitable for even the most mission-critical environments.
Atos & EMC engineered an appliance dedicated to Big Data in-memory applications. It is designed for real time decision making thus improving business productivity and IT efficiency.
It is based on the BullionTM server and a VNX®5400 unified storage system from EMC, fully racked, providing unmatched scalability and performance.

A whole range of appliances

There are more than 20 models of certified bullion for SAP HANA appliances, all based on the Intel® Xeon® processor E7 v3 Family and on the same innovative technologies.
EMC provides a range of mission-critical availability and data protection capabilities to keep SAP HANA data available and secure.
The benefits of this appliance:

Atos unique end-to-end SAP HANA capabilities

Atos provides an end-to-end solution including infrastructure design, SAP HANA architecture optimization and flawless project deliveries.
11,000 SAP experts in 72 countries
6,000 + implementations in 90+ countries
Over 1,400,000 end-users supported
A global SAP HANA Center of Excellence including a SAP HANA Lab
Atos, a long term SAP HANA Partner, has received the Pinacle Award “Exponential Growth of the year” at Sapphire 2015.

Bullion for SAP HANA delivery model


TDI stands for Tailored Datacenter Integration and describes a program that allows HANA customers to leverage existing hardware and infrastructure components (compute, network, storage) for their HANA environment. Those existing materials have to be certified by SAP and a public list of those TDI certified components is publicly available. By comparison an HANA appliance comes with all necessary certified components pre-configured and is provided by certified HANA hardware partners. TDI enables to maintain a consistent skill sets and reduce overall investments.
The Bullion server is certified for TDI environment thus enabling a high flexibility in the deployment model. Moreover Bullion for SAP HANA proposes an exceptional scalability from 2 to 16CPUs and according memory capacity per use-case (BW or SoH) as seen in the appliance.

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Selecting the best infrastructure for SAP HANA®

SAP® has integrated HANA® at the very heart of its strategy: a platform that delivers exceptional real-time performance to enable new business potentials. Now, the latest SAP solutions make use of the entire SAP HANA platform capabilities.


Unlock new insights in real-time!

Big Data offers a high-speed way to transform data into real value. But with
the massive expansion in data volumes, and demands for even greater agility
and flexibility to meet new business needs, Database Management Systems
(DBMSs) are being pushed to their limits.

Database by Bullion

Leverage your data, reduce your cost

In an environment where digital technology plays a predominant role, IT Departments are subject to unprecedented demand in terms of response times, agility and security, all against a backdrop of tight budgets.
For flexibility reasons, databases have often been deployed to meet various business needs either in a collection of distributed servers or consolidated on large legacy servers.

Servers consolidation is already widely implemented across the data centers ; consolidation of databases can generate additional high level benefits.

Why consolidate with database by bullion?

Reduce your TCO up to 35%
Benefit from scalable performance to meet SLA over time
Improve resiliency to keep databases from risks

Database by bullion is based on an open architecture:

bullion, Atos x86 high-end enterprise server
flash storage technology

This integrated system is available through a one stop shop and propose a one stop support.

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Datalake and Analytics Factory by Bullion

A flexible appliance to speed up implementation of Big Data solutions

To provide better business performance, enhanced operational excellence and business reinvention by leveraging organizations data sets, Bull provides the combination of data storage and analysis: the Data Lake and Analytics Factory by bullion, an fully integrated appliance in a secure and industrialized way.
This unique solution is easy to integrate, embedding a large set of advanced analytics tools, based on an open architecture by bullion, the most scalable and powerful server available in the market.

With this “solution in a box”, gain agility and speed up Big Data deployments:

Data Lake created in a few weeks
Big Data applications deployed in a few days

An integrated and powerful software suite

This software suite proposes:

A state of the art Data Lake, based on Hadoop technology, with all the tools to deploy it in a few seconds and easily manage all its lifecycle

Combined products to very quickly deploy data refining and analytics capacities

A low-level software layer enabling flexibility and scalability to sustain needs and data growth even on various environments (on premise or in the cloud) for temporary capacity add-on.

The software suite will provide:

Data visualization: watching a lot of data put together on a very graphic perspective deeply enhance the brain capacity to get the underlying information

Geo positioning: as a complement of the data visualization, the capacity to watch how things, events and information are linked geographically

Advanced search: capacity to search in a broader spectrum is a way to leverage data capital. For example, analysts estimates that business workers lose each year hundreds of hours just seeking information, files and data they already have had at hand

Advanced analytics: making sense of machine data, sensors and such is considered as one of the future next gold mine

The Data Lake & Analytics Factory appliance powered by Bullion to makes it simple, secure and efficient.

The underlying Bullion server, delivers an exceptional processing power performance and unmatched modularity, enabling fine tuning of hardware needs thanks to its unique architecture and virtualization technology. Bullion will host both an infrastructure as a service (IAAS) and the virtual machines to run the Data Lake & Analytics on the very same hardware. The Data Lake & Analytics Factory appliance powered by Bullion to makes it simple, secure and efficient.
This enables to power both the Data Lake and Analytics environments on the very same hardware and thus improves dramatically the flexibility, security and TCO, like in Data Center virtualized environments.

Other interesting appliance features:

Pre-integrated hardware and pre-loaded software to speed-up deployment
Predictable performance thanks to validated and benched components enabling service availability
Easy upgrades, both at hardware and software level
One stop shopping and one stop support to make it simple

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Javabooster by Bullion

Break Java limits and go real-time!

Powered by bullion and Zing® JVM

The JavaBooster platform is based on Bullion, high-end enterprise x86 server from Bull (the Atos brand for technology products and software) and the Zing Java Virtual Machine (JVM) from Azul Systems®.

Bullion servers have a unique modular and scalable architecture, from 2 to 16 processors (up to 288 cores) and from 48GB to 24TB of memory. Bullion’s scalability means future needs can be addressed by simply adding or reallocating capacity which fully protects your investments. In addition, its highest standard of availability and quality of service coupled with the recent announcement that Bullion beat the gross performance world record make it the enterprise server of choice for in-memory applications.
Another key component to address Java in-memory computing, is the Zing Java Virtual Machine (JVM) from Azul. Zing is designed to break the classical Java 150/300 GB practical memory limit per JVM instance (induced by Java Garbage Collector pauses) and expand it to 2 TB without performance impact. Zing enables essential applications to meet even the most demanding service level agreements (SLA) whatever the data volume and without depending on JVM tuning experts. This Bullion–Zing combination named JavaBooster by Bullion is a best of breed platform that addresses two different use-cases:

> Solving classical Java performance or capacity problems
> Enabling very large in-memory Java applications

Waive Java performance limits

Java continues to be a preferred choice for enterprises developing mission-critical platforms such as e-Commerce, web portals and electronic trading systems. Indeed Java can claim multiple competitive advantages:

A rich high-level language
A mature and widely adopted technology

Multi-platform: by design, Java aims at application portability. Developers can with a same high-level language create applications that may run on multiple environments to reach a broader market.

Skill availability: there are more than 9 million Java developers worldwide, and many future talents will arise as Java is widely taught

Easy expandability: adding more memory to a Java environment is easy making the upscaling efficient and predictable

Though when reaching a few hundred of Gibabytes of memory, Java’s Garbage Collector (GC) processes tend to last longer and impact application response-time and the user experience. When facing a GC-based or latency-sensitive performance problem the JavaBooster platform is the ideal solution.

Large-scale in-memory Java computing

In-memory computing provides extreme velocity thanks to a direct access in a few microseconds to data stored “close” to the processor. A classical server hosts up to 1,5 or 3TB of RAM on which up to 90% maximum may be used for in-memory computing (the Operating System and a few side applications are using the remaining part). This caps the maximum amount of data that may be hosted in a single in-memory system.
One way to address this issue is to scale-out the application. This might be relevant in some use-cases, but commonly network latency (counted in milliseconds) collides with memory access time (in microseconds). This negates partially the in-memory performance advantage.
The ability to scale memory in a single server is key to leveraging the benefits of a big in-memory data set. This is possible with bullion. Specifically for applications within the financial sector, Atos has recently introduced the Real-time analytics appliance.

Real-Time Analytics

Appliance for timely decision-making in finance!

Following the financial crisis and the strengthening of regulations (like compliance with the future FRTB banking regulations), banks must better manage risks in terms of market, credit and liquidity.

Atos partners with Quartet FS, the provider of the ActivePivotTM in-memory analytical software, to launch a solution “in the box” that speeds up data analysis and improves the operational decision-making process for financial institutions.
Being able to calculate all types of risk metrics with data visualization both aggregated and very detailed is a real challenge that can only be met with in-memory computing.
This is now possible with Atos new real-time analytics Appliance based on ActivePivot and powered by the JavaBooster by bullion platform.
In-memory software for finance: ActivePivot from Quartet FS
ActivePivot from Quartet FS is an innovative Java in-memory database, aggregation and calculation engine that enables financial institutions to calculate all types of risk metrics and evaluate “what if” scenarios to take decisions.
In-memory technology completes all operations, no matter how complex, in a matter of seconds instead of minutes or hours and ensures a fluid end-user experience.
Deploying ActivePivot on the JavaBooster by bullion platform enables high performance and unmatched flexibility.

An Appliance to make it simple:

Pre-validated stack to guarantee performance and fast deployment
One stop shopping, single point of support
Unmatched scalability and optimize the TCO
ActivePivot and JavaBooster by bullion a whole range

The benefits of bullion real-time analytics Appliance:

Easy capacity expansion to follow business growth and evolution
Ready for massive data usage (even more than 10 TB)
High Performance and pauseless operations

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SIEM by Bullion

A cornerstone to threat intelligence

The Security information and event management (SIEM) system enables a centralized reporting and analysis by bringing all data from various sources (hosts, servers, networks elements) to a central point and making cross source correlation.

SIEM by Bullion Factsheet

The SIEM answers to 2 major organization challenges:

It is a cornerstone to threat intelligence and enables to apply security analytics to event data for the early detection of targeted attacks and data breaches.
And simplifies regulatory compliance as it proposes compliant reporting as mandated by regulations authorities.

The optimized SIEM infrastructure

SIEM by bullion, consolidates inside a single high-end server (2 in HA mode) many virtual machines each one delivering a specific function. It enables a smooth data center integration and easy connection to other security services.
The main benefits are improved security and cost reduction.

Atos is strongly committed to deliver a full range of services from consulting (security, infrastructure …) to integration expertise to ensure successful SIEM implementations.
A dedicated or mutualized turnkey security solution can also be proposed: the Security Operations Center (SOC).

Software solutions for IT monitoring

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