Integrated Systems

Preserve and optimize investments over all products lifecycle

Integrated Systems

To speed up digitalization adoption, Atos engineered different integrated systems (integrated infrastructures and appliances) that have in common pre-integration, validation and possibly certification.

They deliver:

  • shortened “time to market”,
  • a one stop shop and support for simplified operations,
  • optimized investments with scalable performance.

by leveraging Atos x86 enterprise servers superior performance, scalability and quality of service.

Hot Integrated Systems: SAP HANA® >  Codex Datalake Engine >  Database #Oracle >


The benefits of a unique infrastructure for SAP HANA

  • Optimize your investments

    • Pay as you Grow! Start small, grow according to your needs thanks to a superior scalability
    • Potentially re use your existing storage: solution available in appliance or TDI mode
  • Power even your most demanding environments (certified up 16TB)
  • Be ready to introduce innovation with AI & SAP Leonardo: possibility to use GPU




Atos unique end-to-end SAP HANA capabilities

Atos has a long-standing partnership with SAP and offers the full range of end-to-end transformation solutions and services, including SAP S/4HANA transformation, SAP licenses, scalable servers, operation and hosting.
13,000 SAP experts in 73 countries
6,200 + implementations
Over 3,000,000 end-users supported

A global SAP HANA Center of Excellence including a SAP HANA Lab

Atos is supporting organizations of various sectors all over the world in their SAP HANA deployments. The most representative example is Atos helping Siemens to deploy the largest SAP HANA implementation in the world, which supports over 100,000 Siemens personnel and impacts every business unit within the Group.




BullSequana S for SAP HANA 

Atos has designed and engineered  BullSequana S for SAP HANA platform delivering unique flexibility, unmatched scalability and best-in-class quality of service in the x86 world, essential criteria for in- memory databases and real- time computing. The BullSequana S featuring Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors is the solution for successful SAP HANA deployments in even the most critical environments.




Fully leverage SAP HANA potential and architecture with BullSequana S server

Perfect scalability

Maximum flexibility

BullSequana S is certified for SAP HANA, in 2 different modes:

  • appliance (pre-integrated hardware, storage and software) for fast deployment, backed by central support and agreed performance levels;
  • in Tailored Datacenter Integration (TDI) mode. allowing HANA customers to leverage existing hardware and infrastructure components (compute, network, storage) for their HANA environment. Those existing materials have to be certified by SAP and a public list of those TDI certified components is publicly available.

Mainframe-class reliability

Reliability and resilience are essential where in-memory is concerned. BullSequana S series is fully compliant to this request with many patented providing best-in-class high availability.

Future ready

BullSequana S provides the possibility to side classical CPUs with GPUs for later developments.


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Codex Datalake Engine makes your data trustable 

Data is critical, it enables innovation and competitive differentiation. Data-driven organizations have better decision-making abilities with an immediate positive impact, but managing data is a hot challenge. Digital transformation requires robust and suitable data architecture.

“Though 85% of companies are trying to be data-driven, only 37% of that number say they’ve been successful

“About three out of five people in leadership roles say a failure to get on board with big data could lead to obsolescence

“As of this moment, only 0.5% of all accessible data is analyzed and used. Imagine the potential here”.

Codex Datalake Engine tackles all data challenges

We answer questions like:

  • Who is using data and how?
  • Is data secure and trustable?
  • What is the quality of the data? Can I trust my data?
  • How to overcome data silos, How to assess the value of the data?
  • How to handle large quantities of structured and unstructured data?

What is Codex Datalake Engine? 

Codex Datalake Engine is a consistent data management and security appliance, providing data governance and the management of the complete data life-cycle, from data ingestion, data cleansing, data blending, data discovery, audit, data lineage and policy enforcement. Codex Datalake Engine provides full visibility and control over data.

Codex Datalake Engine is delivered as an appliance that features BullSequana S, one of the most agile, scalable and open servers. With its dynamic reconfiguration capabilities, BullSequana S server combines exceptional performance with unprecedented levels of agility and efficiency. Codex Datalake Engine is Cloudera certified.

Providing key benefits

Codex Datalake Engine improves quality, visibility and control of the data
Codex Datalake Engine is a consistent data management and security appliance, providing data governance and management of the complete data life-cycle, from data ingestion, data cleansing, data blending, data discovery, audit, data lineage and policy enforcement. It overcomes the data silos to give full access and full control to all data from a single place.

Data security and sovereignty
Organizations are very concerned with data security and sovereignty. With Codex Datalake Engine, all data is stored on site and organizations keep full control over their data and as full control over the infrastructure, the applications and the operations, enabling more compatibility and thus minimizing the risk of failure.

Cost-effectiveness and ease-of-use
Codex Datalake Engine is a preconfigured, scalable, easy-to-use and fully virtualized appliance. It is cost-effective with minimal administration needs or energy usage. As a result, organizations spend less time installing, tuning, operating, troubleshooting, patching, upgrading, and dealing with integration, adoption of technologies and scale-related issues. The complete virtualization minimizes the configuration costs and avoids extra cost when introducing new applications.

Codex Datalake Engine addresses the needs of all stakeholders interacting with data

Chief data officers, data stewards have the following concerns:

  • How is data being used?
  • How can data be optimized?
  • How to efficiently manage the lifecycle of your data?
  • How to overcome data silos?
  • How to ensure data regulations are met?

Compliance groups track and protect access to sensitive data. Their primary task is to always be prepared for an audit: tracking who is accessing data, what data they are accessing and what it is being used for. Their job is to ensure that sensitive data is well governed and protected and in line with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) within the European Union and the European Economic Area.

Data scientists, AI and analytics developers need to find the data that matters the most for their business. They want to be able to explore data, trust what they find, and be able to visualize relationships between data sets and make the most from their data.

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Database by BullSequana #Oracle

Leverage your data, reduce your cost

In an environment where digital technology plays a predominant role, IT Departments are subject to unprecedented demand in terms of response times, agility and security, all against a backdrop of tight budgets.
For flexibility reasons, databases have often been deployed to meet various business needs either in a collection of distributed servers or consolidated on large legacy servers.

Servers consolidation is already widely implemented across the data centers ; consolidation of databases can generate additional high level benefits.

Why consolidate with Database by BullSequana?

  • Reduce your TCO up to 35%
  • Benefit from scalable performance to meet SLA over time
  • Improve resiliency to keep databases from risks

Database by BullSequana is based on an open architecture:

  • BullSequana S, Atos x86 high-end enterprise server
  • Flash storage technology
  • Virtualization

This integrated system is available through a one stop shop and propose a one stop support.

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Database by BullSequana #MSSQL-DWH

Leverage Microsoft SQL server DataWareHouse technology up to unmatched limits

Investing in a DataWareHouse technology is a stragic choice which have to pass the test of time. As structured data volume grows more and more each year, the underlying infrastructure have to scale accordingly to preserve investments and support the business.
To match extreme requirements, the following certified reference architectures leverage the exceptionnal performance and scalability of the Atos BullSequana S high-end server to extend the datawarehouse environment up to 640TB, which is virtually limitless.

more information on 320TB reference architecture #1

more information on 320TB reference architecture #2

more information on 640tb reference architecture

For more information