Database by BullSequana #Oracle

Leverage your data, reduce your cost

In an environment where digital technology plays a predominant role, IT Departments are subject to unprecedented demand in terms of response times, agility and security, all against a backdrop of tight budgets.
For flexibility reasons, databases have often been deployed to meet various business needs either in a collection of distributed servers or consolidated on large legacy servers.

Servers consolidation is already widely implemented across the data centers ; consolidation of databases can generate additional high level benefits.

Why consolidate with Database by BullSequana?

  • Reduce your TCO up to 35%
  • Benefit from scalable performance to meet SLA over time
  • Improve resiliency to keep databases from risks

Database by BullSequana is based on an open architecture:

  • BullSequana S, Atos x86 high-end enterprise server
  • Flash storage technology
  • Virtualization

This integrated system is available through a one stop shop and propose a one stop support.

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