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Atos: your trusted digital partner


The intelligence, agility and efficiency with which banks leverage customer data now becomes the foundation for differentiation and success – but only if you can translate it into an experience that makes your clients love you.

Atos Banking asks how every banking process and every business technology can be exploited to contribute to better customer experience – even taking into account the most arcane back-office processes.

We look at the technology practices which are changing the world at large and ask what they mean for every successful bank: realtime analytics, process robotics, and the rest.

As a partner on this digital journey, Atos will help you make the quality of experience for your customers a point of winning differentiation – while delivering insight like never before.

Business model innovation by partnering with FinTechs

With the emergence of FinTechs, banks are facing new competitive pressures. At the same time, FinTechs face challenges with international regulatory compliance, credit issuance and global distribution channels. Our cloud-based FinTech propositions, engagement program and research, offer new ways to meet the industry’s core transformation challenges head-on.

So how are you going to exploit opportunities to survive and thrive in Financial Services? As a leader in integrating FinTech solutions, answering this question is our primary focus. That is why we established the Atos FinTech program with three clear aims:

Find out about all there is to know about our Program and how you can benefit from it as a bank, or as a Fintech: here

News –

This October 2019, Atos is organizing a ‘Female FinTech’ Competition. FinTechs led by women are invited to join the competition to share their business case and look to become part of our FinTech Program. Find out more: here

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