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The intelligence, agility and efficiency with which banks leverage customer data now becomes the foundation for differentiation and success – but only if you can translate it into an experience that makes your clients love you.

Atos Now Banking asks how every banking process and every business technology can be exploited to contribute to better customer experience – even taking into account the most arcane back-office processes.

We look at the technology practices which are changing the world at large and ask what they mean for every successful bank: realtime analytics, process robotics, and the rest.

As a partner on this digital journey, Atos will help you make the quality of experience for your customers a point of winning differentiation – while delivering insight like never before.

Machine learning to disrupt 40%
of all banking roles.

Vision for banking – Journey 2022


Make the shift from dilemmas to informed decisions

We have reached a ‘tipping point’ with digital banking. Rapid advances in AI, IoT, quantum computing, and others present huge opportunities. They also create new Digital Dilemmas as society raises questions about the application of technology, data privacy, and new business models.

These inherent tensions intensify as our digital and physical worlds continue to collide. They ask us to consider not only “Could we?”, but also “Should we?”. As machines take on more of the workload, there is a need to re-focus on humans at the heart of decision-making. Journey 2022 is our vision for overcoming these dilemmas. In an on-going series of expert blog articles, we’ll explain this vision as well as three key areas of Digital Dilemmas:

  • Digital meets physical
  • Business models and society
  • Human-centric AI.
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We’ll explore both the positives and negatives of emerging tech, the boundaries we need to set and the balance we must strike between growth and ethics.”

Business model innovation by partnering with FinTechs

With the emergence of FinTechs, banks are facing new competitive pressures. At the same time, FinTechs face challenges with international regulatory compliance, credit issuance and global distribution channels. Our cloud-based FinTech propositions, engagement program and research, offer new ways to meet the industry’s core transformation challenges head-on.

So how are you going to exploit opportunities to survive and thrive in Financial Services? As a leader in integrating FinTech solutions, answering this question is our primary focus. That is why we established the Atos FinTech program with three clear aims:

Atos FinHub

Our Fintech community

Atos FinLab

Your new growth engine.

Atos FinNet

A FinTech knowledge portal

Find out about all there is to know about our Program and how you can benefit from it as a bank, or as a Fintech: here

Atos Networked Banking – become a trusted, secure bank but with the flexibility of a FinTech

Will your bank continue to be there for its customers as the market changes? Will it be there if driverless cars need their own bank accounts? Will it be there with real-time analytics to offer an instant decision on a mortgage? Will it be there for millions of customers yet treat each one as an individual?

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Putting Artificial Intelligence (AI) at the heart of the Business – Ulster Bank is leading its market with an AI platform

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is no longer a pilot project for Financial Services. It already has many real-world uses, including performance improvements through integration with advanced analytics and customer relationship management (CRM).
Atos worked with Ulster Bank to reinvigorate its CRM platform through our dedicated AI component, SalesForce Einstein. Combining machine learning, deep learning, predictive analytics, natural language processing and data mining, Einstein gives the bank a one-stop-shop AI platform for CRM.
As a result, its users can act on customer intelligence much faster and more accurately. With rich information at their fingertips, Relationship Managers can prioritize individuals, leads or opportunities. And with automation, the bank can continually model its 1.9 million customer base to make better business decisions.

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