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The foundation for today’s data centers and cloud platforms

Benefit from efficient and trouble-free migration to a cloud infrastructure.

In every sector, traditional data center infrastructure models are struggling to deliver the agility and responsiveness demanded by a data-driven business.  New cloud infrastructures deliver both performance and cost-savings – but only if you make the right choices.

Your migration to cloud must be planned and executed under the pressure to radically reduce both capital and operational expenditure while delivering exceptional continuity and performance.

It must take place without compromising compliance or security obligations.  At the same time, it must be ready for the shift to open source approaches to both application development and delivery.

The Atos Escala range of cloud-ready servers makes the ideal engine for your new cloud infrastructure.

Escala answers the need for affordable, high-performance on-premises cloud.  It delivers a flexible, cost-effective and highly-automated path to a winning cloud infrastructure.

Designed to support databases and business-critical applications, Escala delivers best-in-class enterprise reliability, availability, and serviceability.

Special conditions from Atos for replacing old Escala servers, valid until the end of 2019.  Profit from reduced maintenance costs, while enjoying much better performance, reliability and safety.
The investment you make will be quickly profitable, and provide another lever to boosting your business.

92% of business executives believe that digital technology will disrupt their business in the next 12 months.

Escala servers from Atos

Announcement of the Escala E5-900 and the M8-900:
Escala adds headroom to its POWER9 server family!

September 2018, Atos announced two new enterprise-class servers: Escala E5-900 and Escala M8-900, both based on the POWER9 chip, quickly adopted by industry leaders for its technological and performance superiority. With this announcement, the Escala Power9 family is now complete, offering scale-out and scale-up solutions to meet all business needs.

Escala E5-900 is a compact 4U, 4-socket servers, offering the same industry-leading reliability as all Escala servers, but that sets new upper limits in terms of virtualization and performance. It’s well suited for private clouds, easily supporting large-scale, mission-critical applications. With a new machine comes new standards for the others to measure themselves against: up to 48 POWER9 cores; up to 16TBs of memory, double the I/O bandwidth, and even more storage options thanks to NVMe, all that and a 50% performance improvement as a bonus!

Escala M8-900, the newest high-end modular server, is ready to take on any mission-critical task out there. Escala’s M8-900 is the most powerful, reliable, secure and scalable server to-date. Whatever the requirements, the M8-900 is up to the task. The M8-900 arrives with an impressive maximum of 192 POWER9 cores, up to 64 TB memory, double the I/O bandwidth thanks to the PCIe Gen4, and on-chip analytics and algorithms that provide a dynamic frequency always-optimized to the workload at hand.

As part of the total package provided for the new Escala Entry level servers announced recently, the Escala Competence Center can provide the expert services required to put a private or hybrid cloud into place.

Availability and performance

Escala servers provide the best-in-class, built-in reliability and security characteristics that are vital for business critical applications. With a “meantime between fatal crash” well above 70 years, Escala servers have proven to deliver significantly higher uptimes compared to competing architectures.

Depth of service expertise

With over 25 years’ experience as an IBM OEM, our Escala services provide unrivalled expertise and support for the development and maintenance of AIX and OpenSource. Escala virtualisation, PowerVM, has an industry-recognised track record for security. In the 15+ years that PowerVM has been on the market, not one security vulnerability has been reported.

IaaS AIX-on-demand

The Escala IaaS provides AIX-on-demand; shifting CAPEX to OPEX while reducing management cost and complexity.  The Atos IaaS approach ensures continuity and performance, even in the face of rapidly changing demand.

Postgres migration

Atos delivers smooth and cost-effective migration to Postgres, with full Oracle compatibility, for even the largest and most complex heritage databases.

Escala partners with Splendid Data to enable Oracle to Postgres migrations

Our partnership provides leading-edge Escala servers with Postgres to deliver our customers their data center modernization.

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