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BullSequana S series

Enterprise server portfolio

To tackle enterprise IT challenges, Atos proposes a portfolio of highly scalable and flexible servers making no compromise with Quality of Service:

  • BullSequana S series, powered by Intel® Xeon® processor Scalable family

All those servers share the values of the BullSequana product family, designed to serve the needs spanning from mainframe to enterprise, HPC and Quantum.

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BullSequana S

Powering Enterprise AI

Though the definition of Artificial Intelligence (AI) varies a lot, it is considered as the most disruptive class of technologies over the next 10 years.

Ever-increasing computational power, gigantic amounts of data, and unprecedented advances in deep neural networks enable enterprises to rely on data and AI technologies to adapt and tackle problems with brand new and efficient solutions.

It will especially be useful to:

  • Extract more value from IoT
  • Boost existing applications
  • Support customer facing apps
  • Nail specific business challenges

Intel® Xeon® processor Scalable family

A digital transformation accelerator

Through enterprise AI

By siding the classical computing capacities with GPU in a very simple and flexible way to adapt to AI/Machine Learning needs , BullSequana S can boost existing applications and power disruptive tools like chatbots.

Through Data lake and analytics

BullSequana S speeds up data lake environments deployments, scales as needs arise and dramatically simplifies the lifecycle of news applications using the data.

Through in-memory computing

Superior scalability, availability and serviceability coupled with top notch performance make it the ideal scale-up platform for large in-memory databases

Modernization through virtualization & cloud

BullSequana S is the most agile, scalable and open platform to grow digital business. With its dynamic reconfiguration capabilities, it combines exceptional performance with unparalleled agility and generates efficiencies at every level . It’s the go-to server for the private part of an hybrid cloud.

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BullSequana S: main benefits

Exceptional scalability – 2 to 32 CPU & GPU / 48TB RAM
Preserve investments and power the most demanding environments

Modularity and Flexibility
Build or reconfigure to fitting exactly your business needs!

Operations and TCO benefits for all landscapes
20% Cost reduction for large clusters virtualization, 30% Price/Performance gain for small & medium SAP Hana

Designed for Enterprise AI
Enable AI/Machine Learning everywhere with GPU

BullSequana S product range

The BullSequana product range leverages the Intel® Xeon® processor Scalable family, to propose 5 different models from 2 to 32 CPU in a single server.

Each model can be upgraded smoothly to another one, preserving investments and applicative environments.

BullSequana S is built around a modular  design, with a 2U/2 CPUs base element: the compute module. With 2 CPUs, up to 3TB RAM it includes up to 8 disks (2”5) and hot plug/swap I/O cards for easy maintainability. On top, there is an open space to add some optional tray for optimized flexibility:

  • a storage extension which can  hold up to 12 SAS/SSD, 4 NL-SAS disks, 4 NV-RAM for high I/O thoughput. A 2U unit can thus propose up to 20 disks, more than 2 raw PB in server. This will be used especially for data lake and virtualization.
  • a  GPU extension, with  2 GPUs per 2 CPU/2U, up to 32 in a single server. Real-time algorithms and machine learning will use this huge processing power to run.

Thanks to those extensions, it is very simple to build or reconfigure the server according to business needs!

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