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Elevate your application portfolio to the cloud

As enterprises face unprecedented disruption, business transformation becomes a core process and is increasingly considered as the vehicle for their development and survival strategy. Cloud computing provides the platform to make the shift but this is only part of the journey.

To truly benefit, businesses need to rethink how they manage their application portfolio by proactively and consistently finding ways for it to unlock the true potential of the cloud. This places major demands on the organization, especially when faced with a process and skills gap. According to Gartner, 22% of CIOs said available talent was their single biggest obstacle.

Atos Application Transformation Services delivers unparalleled experience and knowledge to transform applications, equipping enterprises’ IT for digitalization and enabling new market opportunities to be capitalized, faster.

Digital Transformation

“Businesses face a skill shortage as workers with the knowledge of legacy applications retire…and the next generation of workers lack the skills to effect digital transformation.”


Your partner for the transformation and migration journey

Choosing the right partner is critical to finding the least disruptive route to transformation. Atos continually supports and delivers the transformation plan, providing not only the platforms but the knowledge and experience of these to deliver cost savings and efficiency gains.

Delivering positive business outcomes

Success is measured by business impact. Our services drive tangible value including performance improvements of 60% and support costs cut by up to 90%.

Complete visibility to aid decision making

Few legacy businesses have complete visibility of their applications. Through the Atos Digital Factory, we can classify and categorize all applications to identify which need to be retired, retained, re-fabricated or replaced.

Next-generation application management

Atos uses next-generation application management methodology injected with design thinking, agile and DevOps, automation and application management – independent of whether it is for a cloud or on-premise environment.

Optimize utilization of infrastructure

Organizations can expect to achieve faster modernization of legacy applications and gain up to 80% better utilization of underlying infrastructure.

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