Olympic Games

Celebrating 30 years of trusted collaboration with the Olympic Movement and more than 20 years as Worldwide IT Partner of the Olympic and Paralympic Games

Bringing in key cloud orchestration expertise

“Tokyo 2020 were unprecedented Olympic Games, and Atos has been truly instrumental in connecting, securing and digitally enabling the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 to all stakeholders worldwide.”

“The Olympic Games have always been at the forefront of technological innovation. And Beijing 2022 was no exception thanks to our Worldwide Olympic Partner Atos, who played a key role in our approach and in the IT orchestration, and helped deliver safe and secure Games.”

Thomas Bach
International Olympic Committee (IOC) President

Andrew Parsons
International Paralympic Committee (IPC) President

“We congratulate Atos for ensuring that the Paralympic Games were as high-performing in the IT back-end as they were on the field of play.”

“We like to think of the Atos team as our silent partner. We do not see them but we know that they are in the background performing an absolutely essential role. Their delivery of key IT systems for the Paralympic Games allows us to engage with a worldwide audience and deliver a message of inclusion.”

Looking back at Tokyo 2020: We made it happen!

Return on experience on Tokyo 2020

Reflecting on 2021, team Atos is celebrating the success of Tokyo 2020 as a symbol of hope for for the people across the globe

Meet our Tokyo 2020 heroes

Episode 1: adaptability

Meet our Tokyo 2020 heroes

Episode 2: Team Spirit

Meet our Tokyo 2020 heroes

Episode 3: Detailed Preparation

Meet our Tokyo 2020 heroes

Episode 4: Striving for excellence

Beijing 2022 behind the scenes. Atos made it happen again.

The Atos team members are the silent heroes behind the scenes. They took up the challenge of delivering two Olympic Games in less than six months between Tokyo 2020 and Beijing 2022. In 2021, the Atos team demonstrated its resilience and flexibility by simultaneously managing the preparation of three Olympic and Paralympic Games: delivering Tokyo 2020 while completing the critical testing phases for Beijing 2022 and initiating the process of adapting key digital applications for Paris 2024.

Like world-class athletes, Atos experts have been preparing for Beijing 2022 years in advance, with the ambition and determination to enable fans and stakeholders around the world to watch and follow their favorite athletes.

2022: Celebrating three decades of long-term and trusted partnership

30 years working hand-in-hand with the Olympic Movement, and 20 years as Worldwide IT Partner for the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

As lead technology integrator, Atos ensures that the Olympic and Paralympic Games run smoothly and are secure and digitally enabled. We will continue our partnership to further accelerate the digital transformation of the Olympic Games for Beijing 2022 and Paris 2024.

All these years we made it happen achieving high goals:

Modernizing the Olympic and Paralympic Games

Atos is a trusted guide providing continuous innovation in a period of great digital transformation. For Tokyo 2020, we implemented DevOps practices and edge computing, advanced access control with facial recognition, virtualization and more — ensuring a connected digital experience for billions of fans across the globe.

Delivering the Critical IT applications for IOC & IPC

Atos delivers all critical Olympic and Paralympic Games applications, including the Olympic Management System (OMS) and Olympic Diffusion System (ODS).

Reinforcing security levels

We enhanced physical security in Tokyo 2020 with our Advanced Access Control System, and we have enabled the secure transmission of live results worldwide for each Olympics since 2001.

Making it happen for fans and media around the world

Diffusing real-time data to officials and international media – keeping everyone, whether in venues or at home, up-to-date with the Olympic and Paralympic Games action. Atos’s Commentator Information System (CIS) transmits results and sports information in less than 0.5 second to the waiting broadcasters and media.

Creating a climate-positive Games

By reducing the number of physical servers and evolving to more efficient and agile ways of developing critical digital applications, we have delivered a greener Olympic and Paralympic Games.
Channeling the power of diversity: The Atos Team reflects the diversity of the games themselves, with balanced gender diversity and a multi-cultural environment with over 15 different nationalities represented.

Geared-up for Beijing and Paris

Delivering the Olympics and Paralympics is always a challenge, and the next two editions will be no exception. With our extensive experience, continuous digital innovation and agile mindset, we are committed to make it happen again for Beijing 2022 and Paris 2024.

Beijing 2022: Adapting to the circumstances to deliver

“Thriving on sustainable and innovative solutions, Atos’s integration and digital technology expertise will allow the diffusion of all competitions, sharing the essential Olympic and Paralympic values and providing the complete Olympic and Paralympic experience 24/7, and available from any device, to billions of fans around the world.”

Patrick Adiba, Chief Commercial Officer and CEO Olympics & Major Events

Patrick Adiba
Head of Major Events, Atos

Brian Cook
Chief Integrator Beijing 2022, Atos

“Delivering the critical IT services and digital operations for Beijing 2022 is a project like no other. We will fulfill our commitment and make it happen by implementing our recipe for Olympics and Paralympics success based on people, processes and technology.”

What we deliver in Beijing 2022

Orchestrating the critical digital services and technologies for a safe, secure, more sustainable Olympic and Paralympic Games!

Systems Integration:

Integrating technology from different partners

Delivery Model:

The new delivery model has decreased the number of physical servers used by more than 50%, reducing power usage and heat generation, and reducing the overall amount of CO2 emissions generated compared to previous Games.

Application and Systems Management:

Thousands of hours of testing ensure the reliability of our critical systems

Application Modernization:

For a more efficient agile model in an era where flexibility is key


Almost 600 containerized microservices have enabled a DevOps model that accelerates app development to 3X faster than previous editions of the Olympic and Paralympic Games!

Driving the digital evolution of the Paralympic Movement

The Atos team has provided digital solutions to the Paralympic Games since 2002 and has been the Worldwide IT partner of the International Paralympic Committee since 2008.
We are proud to be part of the Paralympic Games events, at which elite sportsmanship, determination and outstanding performances are on display.

The Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020 were historic. Athletes broke records, opened minds and changed lives. Being able to tell that story of diversity and inclusion across the world was vital, and Atos ensured a digital connection with fans, journalists and broadcasters — making Tokyo 2020 the most connected Games ever.

The International Paralympic Committee (IPC) also recently launched a global campaign called #Wethe15 which aims to end discrimination towards the 1.2 billion persons with disabilities. Atos fully supports the Movement to raise awareness of this important topic.


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