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Just look at the changes. Markets are de-regulated – although regulation is stiffer than ever. Renewables already make up 10% of the energy mix. Smart grids and meters point the way to smarter and more discerning customers.

And at the heart of this storm of change, there are unprecedented volumes of data which until now, have barely been used.

It’s time to change that. With 30 years’ specialist contribution to the utility sectors, Atos makes a credible and intelligent guide. IDC positions Atos as a leader in its MarketScape analysis of utility market IT service providers.

We offer specialist insight, for example, how to use real-time analytics in revenue protection from non-technical losses or in the development of new customer services.

At the same time, we sustain focus on operational and business technology driving out cost and preparing the foundation for your digitally enabled future.


70% of utilities will launch major digital transformation initiatives by 2018

Customer transformation challenges

Separation dash


Consider digital transformation for utilities from four perspectives

Customer experience

Customers spend less than ten minutes a year in contact with their service provider. Can you change that with enhanced online relationships?

Operational excellence

Safety always comes first, so how can you boost productivity across your widely distributed workforce without compromising standards?

Business reinvention

Water, gas and electricity are commodities. Can new partnerships, with white goods and building technology specialists, raise your value?

Trust and compliance

Not only are utilities part of society’s essential infrastructure – you hold millions of privileged client records too. How do you ensure full physical and cyber security?

Energizing your digital future

Renewables have become central to new operating models, with the emergence of energy prosumers as a reality, every utility faces acute change. Data and digital technologies are playing a key role in this transformation. Discover how Atos contributes to shaping the new energy world.

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