Managed Security Services

Atos managed security services ensure your organization is permanently protected against cyber-threats.

Cyber-attacks get more sophisticated and more aggressive every day.  As a managed security service provider, Atos provides continuous protection in a rapidly changing world of threat.

Atos offers a full spectrum of cyber security services around the clock and across the globe.

Our prevention, detection and remediation services establish highly resilient security practices to counter Advanced Persistent Threats (APT).

Operating from purpose-built 24×7 Global Security Operation Centers, our security services are intelligence-driven – keeping you one step ahead.

Our cyber-security services are far-reaching.  We offer cyber threat management services, vulnerability assessment, penetration testing and security audit across your enterprise operations.

We also developed the next generation SOC, Prescriptive SOC dedicated on preventing breaches from happening by leveraging big data and supercomputing capabilities and automating security responses.

Managing 100 million security events every hour.

NewsAtos reaches 3rd position worldwide in Managed Security Services for the cyberspace according to Gartner

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Get Ready for the Unexpected

The world is desperately short of cyber-security expertise.  Our team of 5,000 security specialists keep our clients one step ahead.

Advanced analytics allow us to detect and mitigate threats before they impact your operations and reputation. Our managed security services give you direct access to a growing wealth of expertise.


We continuously monitor and anticipate advancing cyber-threat. Our managed security services portfolio is in constant evolution against future threats. And our Prescriptive SOC with the convergence of intelligence, big data and analytics – driven security focused on proactive analytics patterns in order to identity the next threats and automate the security control response.

Security Operation Centers

Our network of 14 global and regional SOC security operation centers delivers round-the-clock protection to our worldwide client community.

Strategic Alliances

We have strong strategic partnerships with leading security technology providers.  Joint R&D and business development activities bring our clients the benefit of continuous and robust innovation.

Intellectual Property

Atos owns and develops advanced and innovative cyber-security products and services.  We have a special focus on cloud, data analytics and the Internet-of-Things.

Atos cybersecurity JO impact

Olympic Games & cybersecurity

Atos is the worlwide IT partner and guarantees the good running of the Olympic and paralympic games with all that this implies in terms of security and cybersecurity.
We have not the right to fail in front of more than 4 billion viewers in realtime…

Atos’ Advanced Access Control System reinforces security at Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 with facial recognition ID process

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Prescriptive Security Operations

The pace of digital change will never be as slow as it is today as the digital economy will continue to accelerate in the coming years, unleashing new digital disruptive innovations.

Atos cybersecurity Brochure Digital Guardian partnership

Customer Brochure

Data protection

An integrated approach to data protection combines threat detection and effective response.

Technical Paper

Threat Intelligence

Investigation started with discovery of new iteration of PlugX implant, which was created around November 2018 and uploaded to file scanning services, together with similar malware, in the early January 2019.

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As a leading provider of Managed Security Services, Atos offers an extended range of specialist security services, offering access to the certified cyber security products of Atos.

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