Advanced Detection and Response

How can you ensure your organization is permanently protected against cyberthreats?


Cyberattacks get more sophisticated and more aggressive every day. As a cybersecurity service provider, Atos provides continuous protection in a world of rapidly changing threats.

Atos offers a full spectrum of advanced detection and response services around the clock and across the globe:

  • We have developed the next generation SOC, MDR Security Operation Center dedicated to preventing breaches by leveraging big data and supercomputing capabilities and automating security responses.
  • We provide CERT services, with threat intelligence, CSIRT Services and vulnerability management.
  • Our Advanced Detection and Response services establish highly resilient security practices to counter advanced persistent threats (APT), SOC services and context-aware IAM.

Atos cybersecurity

Managed security services
round the clock and across the globe!

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Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

Get 24/7 threat monitoring, hunting and full-service response


The Atos MDR Service is built on the power of AI, big data analytics, and edge computing. As a client, you get the power of 16 next-generation SOCs that are dedicated to preventing breaches on public, hybrid and private clouds by proactively hunting, containing and responding to threats.

  • Multi-vector threat detection and hunting: Uncover complex, covert attack behavior by combining rich telemetry from your existing technology stacks, advanced event captures from AIsaac, and hunting from world-class threat hunters.

  • Auto containment and full-service response: Contain threats in real time while our incident responders validate the threats and create a meticulous incident response plan to remove the threat and keep the attackers out.

Security Operation Center (SOC)

How can you reduce the time between threat discovery and response to contain cyberattacks?

We continuously monitor and anticipate evolving cyberthreats. Our SOC combines intelligence, big data and analytics-driven security, focused on proactively analyzing patterns in order to identify emerging threats and automate the security control response.

  • Big data analytics: Increase the detection surface and decision velocity and decrease reaction time with our BullSequana X supercomputingsystems
  • AI and machine learning: Reduce alert volume and prioritize alerts, increase investigation efficiency and locate malicious actors.

CERT Services

How can you handle the hundreds of new vulnerabilities discovered every day and quickly mitigate their impact?

CERT services include security governance services — from policy definition to vulnerability management, incident management and forensic investigations. They provide our clients with threat intelligence and offer a dashboard that provides a view of their security status.

  • CSIRT services (Computer Security Incident Response Team): Provide threat hunting and incident response to analyze all activities of malicious code and protect end user devices and servers
  • Threat intelligence services: Understand risk exposure with threat intelligence reports and warnings to proactively minimize vulnerabilities and mitigate the risks

  • Vulnerability management services: Apply advanced analytics to identify and prioritize the vulnerabilities that pose the greatest risk to critical systems

Atos cybersecurity Advanced detection and response Cyber Attack

Why choose Atos for managed security services?

Proven artificial intelligence

Resolve threats, analyze their root causes and protect against them in the future as soon as they are detected with our proven AI

Highly-skilled subject matter experts

Benefit from certified CSIRT teams available 24x7x365 with an extensive knowledge base, thanks to daily exposure to threats in many sectors


Reduce the total cost of security operations by 10% to 25% with SIEM services

The IOC, like the Olympic Games themselves, is a high-profile target for cybercriminals, hacktivists and terrorists

External cyberthreats keep intensifying and any security breach could have serious implications. What’s more, the IOC’s own digital transformation journey, greater connectivity and more data inevitably create more potential vulnerabilities. That’s why the IOC (International Olympic Committee) engaged Atos based on our flawless cybersecurity track record at every Olympic Games since 2002.

Atos devised and implemented a suite of integrated, preemptive cybersecurity services and solutions that have protected the IOC from any kind of attack. It includes:

  • Security Operations Center that provides continuous monitoring of cyber incidents and abnormal behaviors
  • Computer Security Incident Response Team to analyze potential incidents and mitigate threats
  • Global threat intelligence services to monitor and pre-empt threats across the internet and dark web
  • Security information and event management to analyze real-time security events
  • Endpoint protection services that protect user devices and servers
  • Cybersecurity training for the IOC and its key stakeholders.

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