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Connecting people, products and processes

For discrete manufacturers, the ways in which your customers use products and the ways in which you collaborate with partners are changing rapidly and irrevocably. Atos puts you in control of this digital and data-driven shift.

It’s a great time to be in manufacturing – if you take advantage of the digital challenge


Across discrete manufacturing, digitally-driven changes have a massive impact on business, collaboration, relationships, behavior and expectations.

Where is this impact felt most keenly? Previously fragmented supply chains now become virtual teams. Improve customer engagement through your customers building online relationships with products. Additive manufacturing and machine-to-machine communications begin to impact both production and ongoing product use.

In the face of these digital shockwaves, manufacturers must learn how to exploit massive and growing volumes of data. In this connected world, your ability to use data in manufacturing as a core asset to create a connected plant becomes key to sustainable success.

Atos has impeccable and well-established credentials in manufacturing IT services and solutions.

Experience the benefits of the Internet of Things in manufacturing with Industry 4.0. This is driven by solutions including Product-Lifecycle-Management, Manufacturing Execution Systems and CAx, and is empowered by new technologies including Additive Manufacturing and Augmented Reality. To deliver maximum value to our customers we have built alliances, with Siemens and other leaders in manufacturing.

We are also rapidly gaining reputation in cognitive computing and data analytics, with our use-case focused Atos Codex analytics portfolio.

Make Atos your partner for digital transformation.


According to PAC, IT services spending is increasing in manufacturing much higher than in other industries, making up a share of about 25% of all manufacturing spending in 2020.
Source: PAC

Customer transformation challenges

Separation dash


Look at digital transformation in discrete manufacturing from four perspectives …

Customer experience

How can new digital communities help engineering, high-tech and other discrete manufacturing companies build enduring loyalty and customer involvement?

Operational excellence

When your manufacturing business is part of an extended eco-system, how do you put data-driven intelligence at the heart of operational excellence and agility?

Business reinvention

Where do your new alliances and opportunities lie – how best can you participate in the wider digital economy?

Trust and compliance

Look beyond simple data protection – does your security strategy contribute to continual and transparent adherence to regulation and compliance?

Additive expertise

With its additive manufacturing expertise, Atos is helping companies exploit this game-changing technology. Additive manufacturing technology contributes to the digital transformation and industry 4.0. Learn more about the Atos solution for industrialization of additive manufacturing.


Key services for our discrete manufacturing clients

Industry 4.0 exploration

Digital Enterprise: Industry 4.0

Shaping the new industrial revolution with next gen MES and PLM.

Cyber Security

Managing all aspects of security and compliance across extended product and service lifecycles.

Atos codex analytics

Atos Codex Analytics Solutions

Putting cognitive at the core of business development, production and market analytics.


Making SAP HANA an agile and resilient platform for manufacturing data

Digital Transformation

Envision and execute a differentiating digital transformation strategy

Digital Workplace

Boost collaboration and productivity right across the distributed workforce.

atos siemens logo

Siemens and Atos expand their strategic alliance

“We are very happy with the development of the Alliance over the past five years. The Alliance has driven additional joint order intake for both companies, it has sparked many new innovations and it has contributed to improved shareholder returns. I am also pleased that Atos is a key ecosystem partner for our MindSphere industrial cloud platform.”

Roland Busch, member of the Managing Board of Siemens AG and member of the Board of Atos SE.

View Siemens Press Release

What our customers say about us

Tire Manufacturer

A leading tire manufacturer is building customer loyalty and new revenue from a connected fleet of truck tires that reduces fuel costs for its customers


“We entered the operational phase of the project at the time of the global pandemic crisis. Employees were switching to remote work and user requests were acquiring a different character due to changes in the company.…


The global Place to Work, Meet, Learn and Share program is one of ASML’s strategic programs boosted by Atos Digital Workplace solutions

OMCO Group

Market-leading glass mould manufacturer OMCO has implemented a SAP Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution that has delivered major operational and financial benefits while enabling essential digital transformation

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