Digital now impacts every aspect of media production and consumption


Across broadcast, publishing and entertainment, customer experience is being transformed by ease-of-access, on-demand and interaction.  This transformation is mirrored in production, in media asset management and in monetization too. 

This massive disruption represents pure opportunity to media companies – knowing the audience and knowing how to capitalize on media assets become the keys to sustainable success.

Atos is in deep with media – helping the world’s premiere broadcast and publishing companies thrive in a climate of digital and social disruption.

We’re also turning the hottest business technology topics directly to benefit for our media clients – with special emphasis on data analytics and cloud in delivery and monetization


By 2021, 70% of all mobile network traffic will be video.

Customer transformation challenges

Separation dash

Digital transformation underpins the Atos proposition for its media clients. Practical approaches mean you experience innovation without risk

Customer experience

How can you make the individual audience experience so memorable and compelling that you stay top of the favorites listing?

Operational excellence

Media professionals are proud of their craft heritage – how does this pride change in the world of digital production and distribution?

Business reinvention

Where are the immediate opportunities for digital differentiation when all media goes global?

Trust and compliance

You need to protect audience data, but how do you achieve the same protection for media assets in a click and link world?

What our customers say

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“The internet disrupted the media and entertainment value chain. Business, however, is essentially still based on the fundamentals of a century ago: engaging and retaining audiences. What is changing dramatically is the way to monetize them.”


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The media industry has always had a dual history, with art on the one hand and technology on the other. As media technology has evolved, it has always had a direct impact both on what is produced and how it is consumed.


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We can forgive many industries for being slow adopters of the digital revolution but the media industry is not one of them.

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