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Your trusted partner for your journey to Space

In the Space and Avionics business, Atos sets tomorrow’s standards developing customer-specific solutions. Atos is your trusted digital partner for your journey to next generation space solutions.

Atos provides products, solutions and services, from upstream to downstream; for mega constellations and satellite manufacturers and satellite operators to national space agency’s, for satellite mission control ground segments and ground station software for satellite operators.

Satellite monitoring – SkyMon

Satellite monitoring system to detect, analyse and localize interferences

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EGSE test equipment

Electrical Ground Support Equipment (EGSE) is an integrated suite of electrical satellite testing solutions to make sure that the satellites you are launching work perfectly

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Satellite testing for mega-constellations

Spacecraft simulator and power mulitplexer for mega-constellations

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Data processing and analytics for space – Mundi web services

Cloud based platform with permitting the exploitation of Earth observation data to develop new solutions and start making business

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Mission control system – Mission Control Platform

Building tailored mission control systems.

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Fully digital power supply

Revolutionize power test systems for automotive electric vehicle battery testing, aerospace power, automotive & photovoltaic inverter testing.

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EGSE Key References for Telecom and Navigation Satellites

  • Airbus OneWeb Satellites – 19 RF-SCOE for TCR, PTS, PTS-DITL
  • Airbus OneWeb Satellites – 52 Power and Launch SCOEs based on univerSAS Power Supply
  • Galileo – 4 PTS (IOV phase)
  • Galileo – 10 Payload EGSE (FOC, B1, B2 and B3 phases)
  • Galileo – TT&C SCOE
  • Galileo – Power SCOE
  • Galileo – FOC, B3 L-Band Suitcase
  • Heinrich Hertz TT&C SCOE
  • EDRS Payload RF- Test System and RF-Suitcase
  • Electra RF- SCOE
  • Quantum RF-SCOE
  • Small Geo /Hispasat RF-Test System & TT&C SCOE
  • Alphasat / Inmarsat Mobile Payload EGSE
  • Neosat – Power SCOE

Earth Observation Satellites

  • MetOpSG – CCS, Instrument EGSE (MWS, 3MI, Scatterometer), Ka-&X-Band SCOE, S-Band SCOE
  • BIOMASS – Insturment RF-SCOE, X-Band SCOE
  • Copernicus / Sentinel 6 – S- & X-Band SCOE, Power SCOE based on univerSAS Power Supply, RF-Suitcase
  • Copernicus / Sentinel 5 – Full Instrument EGSE
  • Copernicus / Sentinel 5p – Full Instrument EGSE & S-Band SCOE
  • Copernicus / Sentinel 4 – Instrument EGSE: PISA, UDEE and IESim
  • Copernicus / Sentinel 3 – TT&C SCOE
  • Copernicus / Sentinel 2 – RF-SCOE and Power SCOE
  • Copernicus / Sentinel 1 – TT&C SCOE, SES Instrument EGSE, PDHT EGSE
  • MTG – CCS Payload Data Distribution SCOE (PDD), Data handling SCOE, RF-Suitcase

Other Earth Observation Missions

• AEOLUS – Power and RF-SCOE
• GMES – RF-Suitcase
• TerraSAR – X TT&C SCOE
• SWARM – RF-SCOE and Power SCOE
• EarthCARE – RF-SCOE and Power SCOE

Science Missions Satellites

  • JUICE – CCS, RF-SCOE, Juice Comms EGSE, Power SCOE based on univerSAS Power Supply, RF-Suitcase/li>
  • Exomars – Rover UHF SCOE, EDM UHF SCOE, X-Band SCOE, RF-Suitcase
  • Solar Orbiter – Simulator Frontend Equipment, Power SCOE, RF-Suitcase
  • Bepi-Colombo – TT&C SCOE, Power SCOE, RF-Suitcase
  • Plato – TT&C SCOE
  • GAIA – TT&C SCOE, Power SCOE, RF-Suitcase
  • Grace Follow-On – TT&C SCOE, Power SCOE

*The Contract was carried out under a programme of and funded by the European Union.

The project is funded by, and part of, the Galileo programme which is an initiative by the European Union (EU), and where the European Space Agency (ESA) acts in the name of, and on behalf of, the EU. “Galileo” is a trademark subject to OHIM application number 002742237 by EU and ESA.

Other key services for vertical markets

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BEN Marine Navigation Instruments

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Air-land-sea Electronics

Supporting safe and efficient missions onboard aircraft, ships and land vehicles

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