Aerospace and Defense Electronics

Next generation of high-tech solutions

In the aerospace and defense electronics industry, advanced and sophisticated electronics systems are the major drivers for the global embedded system market. Atos MCS (Mission Critical Systems) provides Aerospace & Defense products that addresses multidisciplinary domains and environmental challenges.

Intelligence for digital transformation

Ensuring safe and efficient operation

BEN Marine offers a range of electronic navigation equipment for maritime forces and merchant fleets.

Air land sea electronics, design, integration and professional services delivers products and solutions to ensure the success of critical missions.

Space and Avionics

Ground satellites tests and interference detection

SkyMon, detect, analyze and localize interferences.

Electrical Ground Support Equipment (EGSE) is an integrated suite of electrical satellite testing solutions to make sure that the satellites you are launching work perfectly.

Electrical satellite testing solutions: Payload EGSE, Power SCOE, RF SCOE and the most compact and versatile satellite power testing system “proUST UniverSAS 2.0”.

Satellite Tests for Mega-Constellations: Spacecraft Simulator and Power Multiplexer.

Avionics, onboard control and video protection.

Fully digital Power supply: Revolutionize power test systems for automotive battery, aerospace, power & photovoltaic inverter testing.

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