Cybersecurity breaches to result in over 146 billion records being stolen by 2023*.
What if you could leverage trust for your business advantage?


New digital landscapes, move to cloud, expansion of connected objects, arrival of quantum computing and overall speed of digital transformation are changing the way we do business.
As a result the surface attack is expanding and the threat landscape is evolving at a fast speed with the arrival of new and more sophisticated attacks.

*source Juniper Research

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Protecting your business to face cybersecurity challenges

With the cyber threat landscape evolving at a rapid scale in a complexly growing environment, cybersecurity has become one of the top business risks.
Are you prepared for the unexpected?
Discover how the 6 pillars of Atos help you face cybersecurity challenges.

The #1 in Europe and a global leader in cybersecurity

With a global team of over 5,000 security specialists and a worldwide network of Security Operation Centers (SOCs), Atos offers end-to-end security partnership.

Our portfolio is bringing the power of Big Data Analytics and Automation to our customers for more efficient and agile security controls. Also, our portfolio is built on 6 large building blocks which are all linked to Analytics and Automation.

Therefore, all of our clients require more resources to protect their critical data: personal data, intellectual property, financial data, etc.

GDPR: the journey to compliance

In the digital world, you need a seamless security strategy – and one which evolves continually in the face of changing digital opportunities, threats and compliancy. From initial consultancy and analysis, through to implementation and ongoing management, we’re with you every step of the way.

Our GDPR services are complemented by an extensive portfolio of associated cybersecurity solutions, designed to maximize protection of all client data assets.

GDPR: The Journey to Compliance

Atos cybersecurity GDPR

Charter of Trust

To make the digital world more secure, Atos and 18 other leading global organizations from private and public sector have joined forces within the Charter of Trust global cybersecurity initiative.
The Charter of Trust represents an unprecedented initiative that establishes three primary goals:
• to protect the data of individuals and businesses
• to prevent harm to people, businesses, and infrastructure
• to establish a reliable basis where confidence in a networked, digital world can take root and grow.

By cofounding the Charter of Trust, Atos promotes the need for cybersecurity awareness and the need to work together to strengthen consumer trust in the digital world.
Atos believes that innovative and collaborative end-to-end cybersecurity is a strong asset and competitive differentiator for an organization.

Download doc Charter of Trust

Access the Charter of Trust

More information about the Charter of Trust

Press release, Charter of Trust partners decide on further measures for more cybersecurity

Atos cybersecurity Charter of Trust

“The purpose of Atos is to help design the future of the information technology space in which cybersecurity is a crucial component and enabler. Our investments in people and leading-edge technologies such as security operating centers, identity and access management, and prescriptive security based on artificial intelligence are key to our success in security.
The Charter is an excellent foundation upon which we can continue to build to spread a trusted, inclusive and sustainable digital economy and create value for our customers and partners.”

Elie Girard, CEO of Atos SE

Hardware & software solutions for industries


From data protection to network security, from IoT security to Trust management and Identity and Access Management, discover how Atos cybersecurity hardware and software solutions ensure the ultimate security for your business.

Digital vision for cybersecurity

Atos cybersecurity Digital Vision brochure

Understanding the new cybersecurity paradigm

What every business should know about cybersecurity, why a concerted response is essential, and how to protect data, systems and services from any attack.

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The industrial security journey

Every journey needs a partner

Industry 4.0: new challenges on the path of a smooth digital journey

To secure environments that are not inherently secured is not always easy and does not start by just adding security controls. It is about prioritizing the most critical processes, systems and potential sources of attacks or vulnerabilities. Security is about identifying, managing and setting up a strategy.

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The Broadcast Media industry

Atos cybersecurity broadcast Media industry

Tailoring cybersecurity for the Broadcast Media industry

The traditional media value chain has been disrupted, enabled by the Internet and mobile connectivity, and content is now expected to be delivered anytime, anywhere and on any platform.

Atos|Syntel’s Media Practice is staffed with experts who have extensive experience not only in Enterprise IT but also in the Media and Broadcast processes, operations and technologies and the related latest industry standards and best practices.

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Security for financial services

Solution brief: Prescriptive Security for financial services

This document discusses the commercial drivers for the adoption of prescriptive security services and the professional and IT service options available to financial services organizations who choose to improve their security performance in this way.

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Our cybersecurity expertise

Atos a trusted partner 2020

Our cybersecurity product certifications

Atos cybersecurity Logo products certifications

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As the world advances, so too must organisations’ cyber security awareness and solutions. With expert contributors from outside and within Atos, our Digital Vision for Cybersecurity 2 sets out a new agenda for today’s business leaders and influencers.

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Prescriptive Security Operations

The pace of digital change will never be as slow as it is today as the digital economy will continue to accelerate in the coming years, unleashing new digital disruptive innovations.

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Cybersecurity: Building trust in Hybrid Cloud

The cloud security challenge – The Cloud is a key enabler of digital transformation. It is transforming business, organizations and government, enabling new levels of speed, agility and focus.

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