Digital Workplace Security

Work any time, from anywhere and from any device securely

Provide the required assurance for a Trusted Digital Workplace

Frictionless and secure access to all apps and data


While security remains a major concern, users expect a totally frictionless experience in their corporate digital journey, indifferently using corporate assets, their own devices from inside the company’s realm or directly from the internet.

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3 companies out of 4 let their employees use their own device to access business applications

How to secure and simplify users’ accesses?

Today, organizations are faced with many security challenges.
The way we work is being redefined. User’s experience is changing through the adoption of new technologies and workforce’s high mobility. If organizations want their employees to be flexible and able to work from any location, they need to ensure a secure access to data and applications. Atos security solutions provide secure collaborative environments while maintaining a consistent user experience and satisfaction.

We put cloud at the core of your IT, which ensures all your cloud platforms and cloud services align to your business strategies to create maximum value.

PKI technologies

Deliver a personal identity to individuals for their everyday digital practices

IDnomic for Users

Identity management

Enable user identity lifecycle, compatible with on premise and cloud applications, for employees, contractors or customers. Control and own your employees’ identities

Evidian Identity Governance and Administration

Network and data encryption

Work everywhere securely and ensure data confidentiality even in case of device loss

Trustway IP Protect

Trustway Proteccio

Trustway DataProtect

Access control

Protect your system from unauthorized remote access

Evidian Web Access Manager

Evidian Single Sign-On

Horus CardOS smart cards

Digital signature

Ensure the integrity of exchanged electronic documents

Horus Metasign

Horus Trust Infrastructure Appliance

Analytics & Monitoring

Prevent data leakage & risky behaviour

Atos Managed Security Services

Cloud Security

Get a 360° visibility on multi cloud environments, including shadow IT control

Cloud Security solutions

Endpoint Security

Secure the business’ data available on mobile devices, such as BYOD (bring your own device) solutions

Secure professional smartphones

Preserve your mobile confidentiality

Hoox for business

Balancing trust with agility for your data in Google Cloud

Meet security and compliance policies while benefiting from GCP and GSuite scale and agility.

Keep control and ownership over access to your data and the keys that encrypt it.

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