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Data encryption solution to guarantee data security and the control on the data access

How to ensure data security
and bring compliance?

Data security of users becomes a priority for all CIOs. We live in a world full of threats and cyberattacks and in a regulatory environment strengthened day by day, their concern is to guarantee data confidentiality whether in a datacenter, or in the cloud, or on-premises

Trustway DataProtect offers a comprehensive data encryption solution to provide the customer with the tools to the capabilities to encrypt all the data format as Virtual Machine, Database, File system, Application and Tokenization. Trustway DataProtect is a complete solution for cloud, virtual and on-premises infrastructures and is compliant with the most restrictive data privacy regulations as GDPR, eIDAS, HIPAA or PCI DSS

White paper: Prevent ransoware attacksBrochure Trustway DataProtect

How to ensure data security and bring compliance?
Discover in this video, how Atos through its cyber security solutions, is your expert in security for all your data protection regardless its location to protect against data breach.

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A data encryption solution adapted to your needs

Based on a 100 % European certified Hardware Security Module (HSM) architecture, Trustway DataProtect guarantees the security of all your data.
Regardless of their location, be they stored in a database, file server, application, traditional or virtualized data center, or public cloud environment, your sensitive data are secured from compromise.

Trustway DataProtect KMS

Trustway DataProtect KMS is a centralized administrative platform of key management. This compliant standardized interface (PKCS#11) allows you to manage keys on every environment (cloud, virtual, on-premises), to make SI audit and a meticulous access control.

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Trustway DataProtect DB

Connected to Trustway DataProtect KMS, Trustway DataProtect DB brings to your organization a total protection of your database in the datacenter and the cloud thanks to a centralized control of data access and a regular key rotation. Data field to encrypt is directly selected by you.

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Trustway DataProtect VM

Connected to Trustway DataProtect KMS, Trustway DataProtect VM brings a complete cloud data protection which guarantees to your organization a secure migration to the cloud, ensures only authorized users to access information, and meets compliance mandates. With this solution, you can now isolate and totally control your virtual machine instances.

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Trustway DataProtect App

Connected to Trustway DataProtect KMS, Trustway DataProtect App is a highly-secured application encryption’s solution which centralizes administration of application encryption policy and keys. This solution is suitable for a large range of web applications’ servers and company applications.

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Trustway DataProtect File

Connected to Trustway DataProtect KMS, Trustway DataProtect File ensures data security through fully automated file encryption of unstructured data contained in network drives and file servers. Your files can not be read by unauthorized users anymore.

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Trustway DataProtect Token

Connected to Trustway DataProtect KMS, Trustway DataProtect Token solution protects sensitive information by replacing it with a surrogate value that preserves the length and format of the original data. This solution can be used to secure for instance credit cards, social security numbers, etc. It can be deployed across cloud, virtual and on-premises environments.

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Discover Trustway DataProtect, a data protection solution, which secure your data regardless of their location, be they stored in a database, file server, application, traditional or virtualized data center, or public cloud environment.

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