Energy Digitalization

Reshaping the oil and gas industry

Digitalization in the Energy industry

As energy companies grapple with unprecedented challenges, the need to significantly reduce costs has become critical. Transformation and reinvention are necessary. An immediate opportunity for digitalization exists in the area of asset management, where maintenance activities account for around 20% of total industry spend. In addition, increasing asset connectivity and integration of disconnected resources will not only drive down costs, but will connect people, processes and data – all necessary for energy transformation.

Thanks to our vast experience, energy industry knowledge and specific expertise in the energy sector, Atos is at the forefront of helping to drastically drive down costs by working smarter. We’re helping energy companies to streamline and digitalize operations utilizing digital twin, cloud, edge computing and AI to proactively analyze and address common maintenance issues before they occur, increase asset availability, allow remote accessibility and enhance workforce safety.

“The Oil & Gas industry requires a 50% reduction in costs by 2030 to survive market pressure”

– World Economic Forum

Energy client stories

Oilfield services company

Taps into its data

Atos helped this global oilfield services giant to extract insights from its data and improve efficiencies by predicting and preventing downhole failures.


Offshore engineering project gets a boost

Atos assisted Repsol with the design of the mechanical structure for a new lifeboat station and all associated integration with the electrical systems – delivering on-budget and on-time.

Wintershall Dea

Post-merger digital integration

Atos supported Europe’s leading independent oil and gas company in the creation of its new technology structure including operations and digital workplace environment.

Energy solutions

Atos supports the Energy industry with advanced digital technology and data science solutions to drive value through data.

Workplace transformation

Leverage cloud and AI-enabled solutions like Cegal’s GeoCloud and SAP IS-Oil which will reduce costs and time to value, connect and integrate applications and data hubs, and increase efficiency and access to data.

Facility connectivity and inspection

Remotely manage oilfield sites and staff via enhanced connectivity options including drones for asset inspection, as well as LTE and edge devices for real-time monitoring, data collection and proactive intervention.

Intelligent asset management

Apply digital twin, remote maintenance and digital permit processing to reduce costs, ensure workforce safety, enable predictive maintenance and smooth integration between field and corporate systems.

Energy insights

Press release

Successful go-live of Permit Vision at Repsol

To increase workforce safety for its upstream business, Repsol partnered with Atos to digitize and monitor activities related to permit to work, risk assessment and isolation management.


Take E&U maintenance to the next-level

Discover how E&U companies can leverage digital twins, high-quality data and machine learning to move away from schedule-based maintenance toward condition-based maintenance.


Drones are powering the future of energy

Atos is supporting safe and accurate inspections by combining drones with emerging technologies such as edge computing and AI to enhance security and improve operational efficiency and workforce safety.

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Automation for Energy & Utilities

Discover the benefits of a fully connected enterprise. Cross-process automation delivers improved efficiency, productivity and customer support.

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Decarbonization for Energy

Energy companies must be at the forefront of decarbonization initiatives. See how Atos helps you achieve more sustainable operations and more diversified energy resources.

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Atos helps energy & utility (E&U) companies implement a more carbon-neutral, digital-first approach to operations. For over 40 years, we’ve served our E&U clients, whose businesses span the globe and the energy value chain.


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Our portfolio of vertical solutions enables our E&U industry specialists to deliver innovative services, increase customer engagement and new revenue streams, automate essential business processes, and harness real-time intelligence to drive business decisions.

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