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Data Security a major challenge for organizations and companies

How to deal today with cyber attacks and ransomware more and more frequent?
Atos provides a unique cybersecurity end to end solution with a data-centric and pre-emptive security approach. You can benefit from an expertise built on years of experience with fit-for-purpose security solutions and services for the most demanding organizations.
As a trusted partner, Atos develops, operates and maintains cutting-edge digital solutions that combine computing power, security and systems integration. With its wide-ranging technology expertise and more than 5000 cybersecurity specialists worldwide, Atos supports its customers through their ‘digital transformation’ in compliance with new regulations (GDPR, PCI DSS, HIPAA, eIDAS).

85 % of targeted cyberattacks
are preventable through appropriate risk-mitigation measures

For any organisation, reaping all the benefits of cloud requires a robust approach to cybersecurity to protect data that is shared across public and private cloud environments at an acceptable cost.

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Protecting your business to face cybersecurity challenges

With the cyber threat landscape evolving at a rapid scale in a complexly growing environment, cybersecurity has become one of the top business risks.
Are you prepared for the unexpected?
Discover how the 6 pillars of Atos help you face cybersecurity challenges.

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IDnomic – PKI technology for digital identities security

Reinforce trust within your IT infrastructures by securing digital identities of individuals, machines and objects as well as documents and transactions, thanks to IDnomic’s state-of-the-art solutions.

IDnomic for Users
IDnomic for Objects
IDnomic for Documents
IDnomic for Transactions

Press release IDnomic

Atos cybersecurity IDnomic offer

Identity and access management

For optimum security without damaging productivity, Evidian’s solutions let you restrict access to systems, applications and data only to authorized personnel, according to their job roles within the organization. The Evidian Identity Governance & Administration product suite is a comprehensive, integrated digital identity lifecycle management solution. Evidian softwares enable you to rationalize your security policies and facilitates access via single sign-on.


Atos Evidian SSO Identity and Access Management

Atos Trustway Data encryption product

Data encryption

As a European leader of cybersecurity and  more specifically data protection, Atos guarantees the confidentiality of your sensitive data. Trustway data Encryption’s range, including Hardware Security Modules (HSM General Purpose and HSM Payment), network encryption and encrypted external drive, complies with numerous international standards and certifications.

Hardware Security Module (HSM)

IP Network security

Data Protection solutions

Secure storage Trustway Globull

Digital Identities

The Internet of Things (IoT) is leading the way for a digital transformation in all sectors: SmartCity, SmartGrid, SmartHealth, SmartFactory, SmartCar…
In this complex context, Atos provides trust services of the Internet of Everything (IoE) and ensures the safety of the IoT on every level through its solutions. Our Digital Identities offer guarantees that your exchanges are totally protected, by enabling applications to integrate with authentication, non-repudiation and confidentiality services. Atos offers a comprehensive range of cybersecurity components including metapki (digital certificate lifecycle management) and vericert (digital certificate validation).

IoT Security

Trust Management

Atos Horus Digital Identities

Atos Elexo secured and rugged devices

Elexo – Distribution of secured and rugged devices

Elexo is a VAR expert supplier in distributing high tech electronic equipment computers and telecommunications for national security programs.
Rugged tablets and rugged PDA
Rugged laptops 
Networks and telecoms
Forensic and security
Radio frequency and microwave.


Charter of Trust

To make the digital world more secure, Atos and 18 other leading global organizations from private and public sector have joined forces within the Charter of Trust global cybersecurity initiative.
The Charter of Trust represents an unprecedented initiative that establishes three primary goals:
• to protect the data of individuals and businesses
• to prevent harm to people, businesses, and infrastructure
• to establish a reliable basis where confidence in a networked, digital world can take root and grow.

By cofounding the Charter of Trust, Atos promotes the need for cybersecurity awareness and the need to work together to strengthen consumer trust in the digital world.
Atos believes that innovative and collaborative end-to-end cybersecurity is a strong asset and competitive differentiator for an organization.

Download doc Charter of Trust

Access the Charter of Trust

More information about the Charter of Trust

Press release, 1-year celebration

Press release: Dedicated Press Room by Siemens

Atos cybersecurity Charter of Trust

“The purpose of Atos is to help design the future of the information technology space in which cybersecurity is a crucial component and enabler. Our investments in people and leading-edge technologies such as security operating centers, identity and access management, and prescriptive security based on artificial intelligence are key to our success in security.
The Charter is an excellent foundation upon which we can continue to build to spread a trusted, inclusive and sustainable digital economy and create value for our customers and partners.”

Elie Girard, CEO of Atos SE

The cybersecurity challenge: leaving the fortress

In the space of just a handful of years cybersecurity has become a key item on every boardroom agenda and sits as one of the top business risks. You would be hard-pressed to find anyone who wasn’t acutely aware of the need for security. The conversation is certainly open but are we always identifying the correct challenges. Our Digital Vision for Cybersecurity examines the fast-evolving threat landscape and what steps businesses must take to ensure they’re protected.

Pierre Barnabé, Executive vice-president, Head of Big Data & Security, Atos

Our cybersecurity expertise

Atos a trusted partner 2020

Our cybersecurity product certifications

Atos cybersecurity Logo products certifications

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