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Supporting the shift to digital business for increased innovation

Moving to digitalization

Digital change is driving the organizations. Products and services are more than ever social, mobile and rooted in analytics. It no longer is about if you will embrace the value of the digital age but rather when and how.

Success today is all about being customer obsessed; innovation focused – digital experiences blending with modern solutions; data-driven and finally product velocity, in a secured way. All of these key success elements rely on one factor: the right cloud powered enterprise.

Hybrid cloud is not the future, it is here today and here to stay.

Find out about Atos OneCloud, which has been launched as the new strategic program from Atos:
a ground-breaking initiative that blends cloud advisory consulting, application transformation expertise, pre-built cloud accelerators, and innovative talents in an end-to-end set of services to help our clients navigate their cloud journey securely. More on Atos OneCloud here.

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Atos Cloud Vision

Atos works across the cloud lifecycle to weave secure digital solutions into the fabric of business using a global arsenal of full stack capabilities that enable clients to compete successfully in a decarbonized and fast changing world.

A Unique multi- disciplinary team

Product agility, powered by full stack capabilities

Loaded with elite X-factor talent

Atos - Bullion servers

Award winning cloud partner

Better. Faster. Decarbonized. Streamlined.

Atos: the trusted last mile with secured End-to-End services

OurFull Stack’ Cloud approach includes:

– Cloud Consulting

– Cloud Platform Integration

– Cloud Security

– Application and Data Modernization.

Our End-to-End capabilities are supported by Maven Wave and deep cloud skills and experience:

7,000+ Cloud experts

30,000+ Application experts

over 4,000+ Google Cloud, Azure Cloud, AWS Cloud technical certifications.

Our world class partnerships

– notably with the Hyperscalers –

allow for significant deployment at scale.

Real life cloud successes

State of Texas’ DIR – Modernization of mainframe services.

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Network Rail – Private cloud upgrade.

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Damart – Migration of infrastructure to the cloud with Google Cloud.

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CNA Financial Corporation – Digital Transformation.

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Veolia – A secure collaborative environment with G Suite from Google Cloud.

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Willis Towers Watson – Cloud and digital workplace modernization.

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GAIA-X – Building a secure and transparent European data and cloud framework.

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Capital One – Journey to the Cloud with AWS and Atos.

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Our Services

Helping global companies compete in the Cloud.

Digital Cloud Platforms

Modern Infrastructure and Platform Services for Enterprise with Digital Hybrid Cloud and Digital Cloud Services.

Cloud Application Transformation

Modernizing and building cloud native Applications: from user research to define a roadmap for the migration to cloud, down to app rationalization and greenfield app development.

Datacenter Cloud Transformation

Building Cloud and Hybrid Cloud Data Infrastructure.

Cloud Advisory & Adoption

Finding new ways to accomplish business objectives using digital and cloud to set up a digital strategy: from the business case, down to the program design and change management.

More on our capabilities from Maven Wave >

Cloud Data Analytics & AI/ML

Driving Customers’ decisions with data to improve results.

Digital Platforms for SAP

Supporting the modernization, Migration, and Operations of Core ERP Systems in the Cloud.

Insights to shape your cloud-forward future with Atos OneCloud Hub

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Atos Digital Kubernetes Services

Atos helps accelerate innovation for business growth by making it quicker
and easier to adopt and run Kubernetes without increasing risk.
Kubernetes has fast become the go-to choice for enterprises developing scalable, efficient containerized applications
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