Trusted digital identities

The foundation for business-centric security

How to protect your users’ accesses and keep control of devices identities?

Digital identities are essential for continued digital growth. If digital services were insecure or data were inaccurate or irrelevant we couldn’t trust them. At the center of digital transformation, the international mobility and e-business issues are becoming more and more essential for today’s organizations to remain competitive.

The Atos trusted digital identities solution enables you to provide secure and convenient access to critical resources for business users and devices, while meeting compliance demands.

The solution answers to four essential key factors:

  • Identity and access management with multi-factor authentication & Single-Sign-On
  • Privileged access management with a full audit trail of privileged user activities
  • Trust infrastructure provided by a trusted third-party solution.

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37% of the breaches involved internal actors

 (Verizon report)



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Identity and access management

Evidian Identity and Access Management is comprehensive software  suite that allows organization to manage the lifecycle of identities and access while covering needs for logical access, multifactor authentication, federation of identities, universal Single Sign-On (SSO).

With Evidian IAM suite, organization can govern and secure user’s accesses from mobile devices and PCs to applications in the Cloud and on-premises. Evidian IAM suite helps companies to comply with regulation, to enforce the security, to increase productivity, to reduce help desk cost.

> Govern in an optimized way the users’ access to relevant resources while controlling risk with Evidian IGA solution

> Increase security by reducing the risk of loss or sharing passwords with Evidian enterprise SSO

> Simplify the use and daily management of strong authentication with Evidian Multi-factor authentication

> Protecting the accesses of mobile users and secure web access applications wherever users are.

Privilege Access Management

In approximately 80% of security breaches the misuse of privileged credentials is involved. Because privileged accounts provide elevated, unrestricted access to systems and applications, organizations gradually become aware that the use of privileged accounts in their IT environment needs much tighter control.

Apart from the requirement to be better protected against security breaches also audit and compliancy is an important driver for organizations to better protect their privileged accounts. Especially the GDPR regulation requires tracking of administrative access control for any system that manages personal data.

The Privileged Access Management (PAM) Service provides organizations with the functionality to substantially improve the control of privileged accounts and to optimize the security of the use of privileged accounts.

The service is based on the market leading CyberArk and Wallix products and has a modular setup for the best fit to customer requirements.

The PAM service has a subscription based business model with no upfront investments in licenses. Atos takes care of the technology allowing customers to focus on their business. The service provides a full audit trail that reduces audit costs and that allows organizations to better comply to regulations.

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Trust infrastructure

The Internet of Things (IoT) is leading the way for a digital transformation in all sectors: SmartCity, SmartGrid, SmartHealth, SmartFactory, SmartCar…
In this complex context, Atos provides trust services of the Internet of Everything (IoE) and ensures the safety of the IoT on every level through its solutions. Our Digital Identities offer guarantees that your exchanges are totally protected, by enabling applications to integrate with authenticationnon-repudiation and confidentiality services. Atos offers a comprehensive range of cybersecurity components including metapki (digital certificate lifecycle management) and vericert (digital certificate validation).

Identity Lifecycle Management

Provision and manage devices and digital identities securely. Ready-to-use appliances to speed up deployment and reduce TCO.

IDnomic for users

Horus Trust Infrastructure Appliances

Bull cyber Trust compliance

Electronic certificates

Ensure data exchanges reliability through security services such as user authentication. Secure document production and inspection

Horus Manage your trust infrastructure from end-to-end

IDnomic for users

IDnomic for transactions

Digital signature

Guarantee the integrity of electronically signed documents and signers

IDnomic secure documents

Horus Metasign for electronic signature

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