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How can you ensure a high level of trust for your company ?

Digital transformation is more than just a change in how we traditionally use digital devices. It’s a revolution that is shaking up the world as we know it, radically altering our personal and professional lives, generating new needs and facilitating synergies between intelligent entities, whether they are humans or machines.

By placing data at the core of our strategic assets and major growth projects, and developing ultra-mobility, paperless, business process automation and the ability to better manage company performance, digital technologies enable us to become more agile, innovative and quick to react while ensuring a high level of trust when sharing data.

This requires establishing a technological link between a real, physical identity and its digital representation. This link is the digital identity. The challenge is for this identity to be capable of working while trusting the environment with which it interacts, and to be guaranteed absolute protection. This is what digital trust is all about.

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Each day, IDnomic PKI solutions allow millions of people to authenticate, securely access IT resources and exchange data from PCs, tablets or mobile phones. Our solutions also help protect electronic documents and enable trusted digital public services for citizens. IDnomic solutions protect them wherever and whenever they need it.

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NEW! Atos receives EAL4+ certification for its IDnomic trusted digital identity
management solution >>

This certification makes Atos’s solution the only PKI developed in France to achieve this level of security!

Visa de securite ANSSI

PKI solutions for trusted digital identities: IDnomic

What is public key infrastructure (PKI)?


Atos cybersecurity Trusted digital Identities


PKI is a set of policies, processes, and technologies used to issue trusted identities and secure communications.


PKI uses public key cryptography and electronic certificates to verify, enroll and certify users and machines.

With PKI, organizations establish and maintain a trustworthy networking environment by using strong authentication, data encryption and digital signature.

What are the key components of a PKI?

The public key Infrastructure (PKI) includes various components that work together to deliver and manage digital identities in the form of certificates. The key components are described below:

  • Certificate authority module: ID CA
    ID CA is a trust entity that enables secure, centralized management (creation, organization and maintenance) of certificate authority lifecycles and the production of digital certificates. ID CA guarantees certificate integrity and the authenticity of the data contained in the certificates that are issued.
  • Registration authority module for objects and machines: ID RA
    ID RA is a registration authority in charge of checking the credentials of a certificate requester. It also offers an easy way to manage the workflow of certificates.
  • Credential management system module for users: CMS
    The CMS enables complete management of user certificate lifecycles and facilitates the global administration of cryptographic media, providing administrators with a single, secure system to manage all user identities. The CMS covers all security needs and integrates with third-party software solutions such as mobile device management (MDM) and single sign-on (SSO) >>.

Why choose IDnomic PKI solutions?

Public key Infrastructure: a secure, controlled, end-to-end solution

Flexible deployment

On-premises, hybrid or cloud (SaaS) environments

High performance

Million of certificates for the needs of governmental agencies
and IoT/ IT-OT

Highly secure

Embedded security with separation of roles and duties

Great customer experience

Native support for certificate and workflow management

Self-service portals


Large support

Hardware and software components
(including Trustway HSM >>)

Field proven

200+ active deployments in different industries and countries

What are electronic certificates used for?

Strong authentication for users (smart cards/USB token based), web servers (SSL/TLS), virtual private networks (VPN)

Electronic signatures to provide integrity and non-repudiation of transactions

Data confidentiality for data at rest, in use and in transit

Document and code signing

IDnomic PKI as a service: Cloud solutions for digital identity management

IDnomic PKI as a service

IDnomic PKI certifications


Digital identity partners


Atos leverages its extensive ecosystem of technology partners to guarantee the security of digital identities while ensuring compliance with increasing regulations.


Digital identity solutions: Use cases

Increase the level of trust of your information system with an effectively managed environment that supports all your use cases and digital identities: users, objects, machines and documents.

IDnomic for users

IDnomic for users provides physical person authentication for access to information technology systems and e-Services as well as for exchanging information in complete security.

IDnomic for documents

IDnomic for documents delivers the trusted infrastructure required to ensure the integrity of identity documents like passports and electronic identification (eID). The solution also enables systems to validate the authenticity and integrity of electronic messages.

IDnomic for objects

IDnomic for objects delivers digital identities to machines and connected objects. A highly diverse range of equipment is covered, ranging from IT servers to objects with limited memory, capacity and secure data space.

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IDnomic ID PKI Suite – Digital identity platform

ID PKI suite, the digital identity platform by IDnomic, helps you protect digital data transfers and manage credentials stored in any type of cryptographic device, while meeting the highest criteria when it comes to security, quality and robustness.

Atos cybersecurity IDnomic Services brochure


IDnomic – Services for your digital trust

To help you place digital trust at the very heart of your business, IDnomic teams are at your service at each stage of your project to support your strategic choices and achieve your goals.

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