Public Key Infrastructure – PKI as a Service

Cloud solutions to secure global data and digital identities

What is PKI as a Service?

PKI as a Service is a software suite enabling the installation and use of trust architectures based on X.509 PKI standards without the need for keeping in-house infrastructure to manage identities.
As the number of identities organizations need to manage increase, IoT use and expansion are more intertwined with operations, Thereby an identity management strategy is required to secure data, networks and assets.

As a solution to this challenge, PKI as a Service is the most lightweight, cost-effective, and fastest time-to-live solution.

By delivering patched and updated platforms PKI as a Service frees your cybersecurity resources time to focus on security controls and protection of your assets, rather than patching and maintenance.

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Each day, IDnomic PKI solutions allows millions of people to authenticate and securely access IT resources and to exchange data from their PC, tablet or mobile. Our solutions also help to protect electronic documents and enable digital trusted public services for citizens. IDnomic solutions protects them wherever and whenever they need it.

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IDnomic PKI as a Service: a secure, flexible and cost-effective cloud solution for all digital identity use cases

Strong authentication

Electronic certificates for user and device access control

Data Protection

Secure your sensitive digital assets

Document & Code signing

Guarantee confidentiality and integrity with digital signature

Network security

Protect network devices and information flow

Why choose IDnomic PKI as a service solutions?

Easy deployment and integration

The automatic setup of certificate authorities, and ready-made certificate profiles allow for rapid deployment. It also eliminates hassle of configuration and provisioning complications.

Many validation methods are supported to integrate with your current systems, including Smartcards and biometrics.

Significant operational cost savings per certificate

Because of its easy deployment, and connexion with your existing systems, PKI as a Service reduces overhead administrative costs and resource requirements.

Manage millions of certificates

Atos ID PKI platform can manage very high volumes of certificates to address a wide range of use cases (authentication, encryption, code signing, timestamping, web service certificates, …).

Secure IoT and networks

Support for many types of identities, including a variety of devices like IoT, network infrastructure, telecommunications, and more.

ID PKI as a Service main benefits

Cloud transfert purple

Transfer your PKI
to the Cloud

Atos cybersecurity - biometric red

Use biometrics as a new authentication method

Optimize the operation
of your PKI


Secure your company

Expand security to include
new use cases

Protect your data

What solutions does PKI as a Service include?

Certification Authority

IDnomic Certification Authority (ID CA®) allows construction of the trusted architecture. It is responsible for creation, organization and management of Cas and the production of PKI certificates.

Registration Authority

IDnomic Registration Authority (ID RA®) defines certificate profile workflows and manages the lifecycle of certificates. It supports multiple protocols to ensure coverages of non-person entities and devices.

Credential Management System

IDnomic Credential Management System (ID CMS®) manages the lifecycle of user identification information and the methods to enroll certificate to smartcards, TPM, USB tokens, and biometrics.

PKI served from the Atos sovereign Cloud

Perform your PKI as a Service on Atos Cloud infrastructure. Atos has high security IT Production Centers in France performing all types of sensitive operations related to the provision of digital certificates,digital signatures, time stamps, and exercise of trust activities.

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