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IDnomic for objects – PKI solution

Protect the digital identities of your machines and connected objects

IDnomic for objects: IoT, vehicles, servers, computers, routers and gateways

IDnomic for objects delivers digital identities to machines and connected objects. It covers a highly diverse range of equipment, from IT servers to objects with limited memory, capacity and secure data space.

With IDnomic for objects, you can:

  • Reinforce the overall level of security by managing device identities
  • Protect against attacks in a complex and diverse ecosystem
  • Automatically deploy identities at scale across your entire fleet of devices
Download brochure PKI for ITS SecurityMore information on ITS

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C-ITS: Digital trust for security and privacy

Identifying each device, keeping sensitive information confidential and securing data exchanges without harming privacy are the challenges of intelligent transport systems (ITS).

Discover how Atos answers these challenges with our IDnomic C-ITS PKI solution, which generates and distributes secure digital identities
to C-ITS stations

IDnomic for objects: use cases


Device identity
and communication protection

Trust enabler for secure IoT device communications with applications residing on the cloud.

Enable single and reciprocal authentication of objects and gateways in different environments (like manufacturing sites, etc).

Secure temporary access to objects for industrial maintenance purposes.


Network access control

Network security, automatic deployment and seamless integration with Windows network environment.

Control device access to private Wi-FI networks.

Allow network and data access through certificate-based authentication.


Secure smart car communication

Trust enabler for cooperative and intelligent transport systems (ITS).

Secure communication through authentication, message integrity and privacy (pseudonymization) to prevent smart vehicles from being tracked and hacked.

IDnomic PKI components optimize operations and achieve a high level of performance, each component playing an important role in the delivery and management of digital identities.

Modular, interoperable and scalable

  • A modular, upgradeable multi-tier architecture that facilitates deployment and integration while providing a customer-oriented web interface
  • Web services that simplify integration into your company’s current or future environment
  • Scalable solution for mission-critical environments of all sizes

Efficient and flexible

  • Produces and administers millions of certificates to better serve large-scale IoT deployments
  • Components are installed on-premises or deployed from the cloud

Compatible and compliant

  • Manages cryptographic devices (HSMs, smart cards, tokens)
  • Compatible with certificate management and online data transfer security protocols (SCEP, SSL/TLS, EST etc.)
  • Complies with eIDAS and French RGS


Automation modules

IDnomic PKI delivers digital identities to machines and objects thanks to a broad set of modules and features. The solution supports the protocols that help simplify certificate management.

  • Simple Certificate Enrollment Protocol (SCEP) support for certificate-based authentication of network components (routers, VPN concentrators)
  • Enrollment over Secure Transport (EST) protocol support for easy certificate management
  • Automatic Certificate Management Environment (ACME) protocol support allows web servers to simply and automatically retrieve certificates
  • Certificate Management Protocol (CMP) support for obtaining certificates (available soon)
  • WCCE / CMC protocol support to enable automatic certification of devices in a Microsoft Windows environment. ID RA implements this protocol through IDnomic’s Auto-Enrollment Proxy (AEP)

IDnomic offers the deployment method that best suits your needs

With our on-premises offering, our solutions are installed on your infrastructure. You benefit from increased autonomy in terms of configuration while managing security at the local level.

Organizations must deliver security services like digital signatures, user authentication and confidential data exchanges quickly and cost effectively. Discover our Trust Infrastructure Appliances >>

Both our cloud offerings help you reduce the costs of operating a local infrastructure, while ensuring the highest standards of security, performance and availability — coupled with continuous upgrade that guarantees updates and maintenance are covered.

  • Cloud in configuration mode means you stay in control of the configuration and parameters of your security services
  • Cloud in user mode allows you to focus on securing your digital practices while we take care of everything else

Type of deployment

On-premises Cloud Configuration Mode Cloud User Mode
✔✔ ✔✔✔
✔✔ ✔✔✔
✔✔✔ ✔✔
Savings on
IT and staff costs
✔✔ ✔✔✔


Our team of highly experienced consulting professionals helps you design and implement secure digital identities in complex environments to achieve a successful digital transformation aligned with your cybersecurity strategy. Benefit from our experience and technology to protect your users, objects, machines, documents and transactions.

  • Migrate your PKI to the cloud
  • Secure mobility for your business
  • Use biometrics to enhance security
  • Extend security to your new use cases
  • Optimize how you use your PKI
  • Comply with eIDAS for e-signature
  • Secure your IoT infrastructure
  • Protect your data and comply with GDPR

Cloud services

To offer high-level, trusted services aligned with your needs, IDnomic provides a secure, high-performance cloud infrastructure based on audited, certified and labeled software, hardware, policies and operational procedures.

  • Tier 4 security: Atos’s data center offers best-in-class guarantee and compliance with the most stringent standards
  • French RGS regulation and eIDAS certified data center
  • Data center security and disaster recovery plan
  • IDnomic solutions are in the process of being SecNumCloud certified
  • Atos’s data centers offer high-quality, reliable, efficient and fully secure services

Project management

Benefit from Atos’s sound advice and expertise acquired through extensive experience in large-scale project rollouts for international clients. A single point of contact centralizes actions and synchronizes all IDnomic services. To ensure we fulfill our commitments, we conduct risk analysis at the beginning of your project to evaluate any points requiring special attention, and schedule regular check-ups for rigorous milestone monitoring.

  • Risk analysis and management
  • Technical and functional expertise
  • Sound knowledge of standards (eIDAS, RGS, etc.)
  • Collaborative workshops to build your skills and ensure close collaboration
  • Anticipation of integration issues in customer environment
  • Proven key ceremony procedures

Secrets management

Establishing a trust environment closely aligned with your business priorities requires securing the infrastructure and software used to generate and store digital identities. Atos guarantees the highest security levels by performing key ceremonies in a highly secure environment.
The conditions for generating and storing cryptographic keys are defined during the key ceremony, and the keys are generated and stored directly in a cryptographic hardware security module (HSM).

Key custodians ensure secrecy and should be physically present during the key ceremony. The procedure is led by a master of ceremonies in a secure, fully isolated room located at IDnomic’s premises. Based on stringent, clearly defined and established procedures, the key ceremony makes it possible to:

  • Create and renew certification authorities
  • Create a certification authority revocation list
  • Migrate HSMs when equipment reaches end-of-life
  • Move from an on-premises PKI to IDnomic’s SaaS PKI

Once the ceremony has been completed, a session is held to archive the cryptographic keys in a secure space or vault.

The key ceremony and vault deposit are critical procedures to ensure that certification authorities are held securely. By generating and storing their secrets in accordance with industry best practices, clients can have real confidence and trust in the environment that IDnomic has created for their needs.

Room security

IDnomic’s facilities are compliant with the strictest security requirements. These dedicated rooms are designed specifically for storing secrets.

Effective access identity control

  • Strong authentication access control for authorized people (badge and biometrics)
  • Double-control for room access

24-7 video surveillance and intrusion detection

  • Video surveillance and access recording
  • Alerts for entries at unauthorized times

Access traceability management

  • Video recording
  • Room entry and exit logs

Client support

IDnomic’s team is committed to offering you the best possible experience, with services aligned with your needs and the best software support. You will be able to quickly and efficiently benefit from our experts and their capacity to innovate.

Service guaranteed at all times

Our hotline service offers three levels of support to assist you throughout working hours without interruption. You also have access to the support portal for reporting incidents, talking with our technical teams and tracking bug resolution. We apply escalation procedures to ensure critical issues are addressed as quickly as possible.

  • Times: 9am-6pm Monday to Friday
  • Email and hotline
  • Support services management platform
  • 24-7 cloud support

24/7 cloud support

Our teams guarantee continuous service, optimized over time. They provide full lifecycle management for applications and services (software updates, operating systems, servers, cryptographic equipment etc.).

A service delivery manager team is responsible for ensuring service quality and providing visibility into the performance of the solution deployed. This team also organizes steering committee meetings to explore potential optimizations and identify new requirements.

Centralized support for optimum service

A support services management platform enables you to centralize the management of your requests and requirements, including:

  • Management of incident tickets, monitoring progress and resolution
  • Documentation
  • New versions and updates
  • Announcement of new features
  • Access to the knowledge base
  • Service level reports and statistics (exclusively on the cloud)

We also offer a log collection tool for quick and comprehensive analysis of any event. This helps us quickly identify issues and resolve incidents efficiently.

Lifecycle guarantee for our software

IDnomic software is constantly evolving and offering new features and new compatibilities with the ecosystem. You benefit from the most recent software releases and updates thanks to our support services management platform. IDnomic ensures that you have the most secure and stable software at all times.

To extend your software use or deploy your service on more digital identities, please contact our sales team.

Timestamp token solution: Demonstrate when transactions took place or documents were archived with a timestamp solution >>

Certificate validation: Access a certificate’s status in real time >>

Blockchain: Learn about the security solutions for Blockchain >>


Professional training is a key success factor for businesses today. It enables them to develop employee skills and support the structural and organizational changes needed to meet their business challenges.
IDnomic is a certified training organization (accreditation number: 11 92 19072 92), registered with the Paris Region’s Regional Directorate for Business, Competition, Consumer Affairs and Employment (DIRECCTE).

IDnomic’s training program is designed to develop in-house skills and is intended for Security Officers, PKI solution operators, IT company staff, project managers, systems and network architects / administrators.

>> Learn about the IDnomic training program

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