Trusted digital identities

The foundation for business-centric security

How can you protect user access and keep control of device identities?

Digital identities are essential for continued digital growth. If digital services are insecure or data is inaccurate or irrelevant, we can’t trust them. At the center of digital transformation, international mobility and e-business capabilities are becoming more and more essential for today’s organizations to remain competitive.

The Atos trusted digital identities solution enables you to provide secure, convenient access to critical resources for business users and devices, while meeting compliance demands.

The solution provides answers to three essential key factors:

  • Trust infrastructure provided by a trusted third-party solution
  • Identity and access management with multi-factor authentication and single-sign-on
  • Privileged access management with a full audit trail of privileged user activities.

Attacks can come from anywhere. According to Verizon 2021 Data Breach Investigation Report (DBIR), 35% of breaches involve internal actors. Discover how Atos’ comprehensive Trusted Digital Identities suite can help your organization make zero trust a reality.

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Trust infrastructure

Establishing a trusted environment is crucial to cope with today’s cybersecurity threats. The digital identity platform by IDnomic helps you to generate identities, protect digital data transfers and manage credentials stored in any type of cryptographic device, while meeting the highest criteria when it comes to security, quality and robustness.

Security of your sensitive data, regardless of location, is essential for a smooth functioning. The Trustway HSM products help to protect infrastructure and data, they are designed to ensure integrity and security of business’ cryptographic operations, guarantee high availability and safe restore, are easy to install and manage.

PKI technologies

Deliver a trusted identity
to individuals and devices

Trusted digital signature

Ensure the integrity
of exchanged electronic documents

Hardware security module (HSM)

Ensure your organization has complete protection for its sensitive data

Trust infrastructure appliance

Simplify the deployment of your
PKI and signature appliances

Identity and Access Management

Evidian Identity and Access Management (IAM) is a comprehensive software suite that allows your organization to manage the lifecycle of identities and access while satisfying the need for logical access, multi-factor authentication, identity federation and universal single sign-on (SSO).

With the Evidian IAM suite, your organization can govern and secure user access from mobile devices and PCs to applications in the cloud and on-premises. Evidian IAM helps companies comply with regulations, enforce security, increase productivity, and reduce helpdesk cost.

Privileged Access Management

The Privileged Access Management (PAM) service provides organizations with the functionality to substantially improve the control of privileged accounts, optimize the security of the use of privileged accounts and provide a full audit trail.

The service is based on the market-leading CyberArk and Wallix products and has a modular setup to ensure the best fit to meet your requirements.

The PAM service is sold as subscription-based business model with no up-front investments.

Atos cybersecurity Trusted digital identity PAM

Why choose Atos to establish trusted digital identities?


Produce more than 100 million identities and authentications with a highly scalable and resilient solution.
Native cloud scalability and high availability by design.

Freedom of choice

Choose the infrastructure that best adapts to your business needs and constraints (on-premises or cloud).
Manage identities on both legacy systems and cloud.


Atos is a software and hardware vendor with a unique combination of expertise in security and data protection, including full ownership of products, a controlled roadmap and a large partner network.

On the road to Zero Trust

“Zero Trust” cybersecurity is establishing itself in a cloud and mobile world where the information system is increasingly distributed and where users are both nomadic and homeworkers.

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Digital identities are essential for continued digital growth. If digital services were insecure or data were inaccurate or irrelevant, we couldn’t trust them.

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