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How to simplify the deployment of your PKI and signature appliances?

In a world where organizations need to manage billions of identities for users and devices, scalable and easy-to-deploy technologies can help IT teams to deploy quickly the right solutions adapted to their needs. With Horus ready-to-use appliances, organizations can deliver security services such as digital signature, user authentication and confidentiality of data exchanges quickly and cost-efficiently.

The range of Horus Trust Infrastructure appliances includes:

 Horus PKI
 Horus Signature
 Horus User Explicit Consent
 Horus Time Stamping
 Horus Blockchain

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Horus PKI and signature Appliances

Reduce your PKI and signature appliances project timeline from several months to just a few weeks.

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How we can help you achieve your PKI and signature appliances deployment

Faster time to deployment

Ready-to-use design means that product functionalities and database instances are already pre-configured, reducing the project timeline from several months to just a few weeks, and avoiding the burden of acquiring and configuring additional materials such as servers.

Guaranteed maximum security

Relying on the state-of-the-art Trustway Proteccio Hardware Security Module, which is Common Criteria EAL4+ certified, the Horus appliances comply with strict security demands and can perform sensitive cryptographic operations. Non-repudiable signature creation is guaranteed as the appliances are fully compliant with eIDAS European regulation (standards for electronic identification and transaction).

Seamless operations

These appliances are complementary with Atos’ VPN range for network encryption, Trustway IP Protect. It enables security and automation of key processes – particularly through the management of the lifecycle of security keys, thereby enabling encryptors to work seamlessly. It can also scale the operations of thousands of devices.

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Horus Trust infrastructures Appliances Brochure

Learn everything about our Horus PKI and signature appliances to help you keep control of your project and security.


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Horus Trust Infrastructure factsheets

Horus Trust infrastructures Appliances Factsheets

To go further on each appliance, do not hesitate to read our dedicated factsheets:
Horus Root CA Appliance
Horus Technical Subordinate CA Appliance
Horus Signature Appliance

Partners program


Atos provides products in the field of embedded device security in the context of Infineon Security Partner Network with a solution for connected cars.

Partnership cyber security products

Atos support consists of an international team of experts who will help you get optimal use out of our products in your specific environment every day.


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