Shaping the future of insurance Building new ecosystems, connecting generations A vision for resolving the tensions that arise as digital technologies exert more influence over our physical world and Insurance business outcomes. MORE Look Out insurance Industry trends What is digital insurance? Where are the transformation opportunities? Discover 10 technology trends in the insurance industry that are likely to shape its future—and that of your company. EXPLORE THE TRENDS

Atos: your trusted digital partner


At every level, there is a demand for fast and secure digital transformation in insurance. To meet demand for ‘real life’ insurance—serving customers as and when they need you. To establish a single platform for meeting many different customer needs. And to use new technologies in insurance to improve on legacy systems, increase efficiencies, and reduce costs.

As the digital revolution continues, Atos is there by your side. Whether helping you build ecosystems of partners through our InsurTech Engagement Program. Or helping you connect with generations of customers through AI, IoT and intelligent automation.

Half of the world’s top 30 insurers already rely on us. So we know what it takes to transform your operating model. Modernize your insurance technology or core operations. And increase the pace of innovation in your business.

How we can help you meet insurance customer expectations Transforming operating models Modernizing core platforms Accelerating disruption and innovation Agility will help you compete with new digital solutions for insurance. We’ll transform your business processes, so you can create excellent customer experiences while reducing costs. We’ll share any risk by investing in assets and people. We’ll take ownership of the transformation. And we’ll link our revenue to your successes. Legacy systems can no longer keep up with changing market demands. At Atos, we use our own IP and accelerators to swiftly modernize applications using automated processes. As a result, you can embrace modern product platforms, API-ready architecture, and an agile way of working. Staying relevant means staying ahead through innovation. So we’ll help you prepare for the future of insurance built around ecosystems of needs and lifestyle services. We’ll ensure you can digitize your processes and business models. Enabling you to develop customer intimacy, transform processes and generate new revenue streams. READ MORE READ MORE READ MORE

Built on Foundational IT

Having the right infrastructure and cybersecurity in place is critical in digital transformation. Atos is a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Managed Services. We are the number one in Europe and a global leader in cybersecurity. And we have strategic alliances with all the major cloud service providers, including Google, Microsoft and AWS. These foundational IT services will enable you to build new ecosystems and connect with generations of customers. Whether you need:

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Whatever your starting point, Atos can address your insurance business challenges and build momentum for your digital transformation.

What is digital insurance? Where are the transformation opportunities? Discover 10 technology trends in the insurance industry that are likely to shape its future—and that of your company.

“Success will only come if digital dilemmas are resolved…” Read more about the issues raised when the digital and physical worlds collide. And what you can do to overcome them.

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