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Clinical Trials

Accelerating clinical trials and reducing costs with digital technologies

Pharma & Biotech

Upgrading patient and staff experiences by digitally increasing productivity and reducing costs while continuing to consider quality and trust

Quality and Regulatory Services for Medical Devices

Achieve quality assurance and regulatory compliance for global markets and industry standards

Medical Devices

Atos is your total compliance partner for all QA and regulatory needs for global markets; helps you meet timelines and product registrations with greater efficiencies

Digital Manufacturing

Boost capacity and quality while reducing costs and time to market

Pharma & Biotech

Innovative solutions using IoT, AI/ML and other technologies to enable Pharma 4.0 digital transformation in manufacturing and supply chain management

Population Health Management

Deliver improvements in health and wellbeing through proactive care

Healthcare Payer

Population health management strategies covering precision medicine, coordinated care, and value-based payment improve outcomes by removing health inequities

Device Engineering

Engineering greater value for medical devices and diagnostics

Medical Devices

Strategic partner for medical device engineering needs around software, mechanical, electrical, quality, and biomedical engineering

Intelligent Quality & Regulatory Services for Pharma & Biotech

Ensure your processes meet quality and regulatory requirements

Pharma & Biotech

Improved product and labeling quality and compliance while reducing costs and improving efficiency and time to market

Drug Discovery & Pre-clinical Research

Faster molecule discovery and compliant pre-clinical studies in a digital environment

Pharma & Biotech

Helping pharma to transform their omics data into actionable insights. Drug Discovery & Pre-clinical Research for building error-free SEND-compliant data sets

Digital Consumer Experience

Improve member experience to deliver true value-based care

Healthcare Payer

Atos’s Consumer Experience Platform Solution helps payers meet modern members needs by digitizing their consumer experience strategy

Digital Infrastructure Services

Improve operational efficiency and transform healthcare delivery

Healthcare Provider

Digital solutions that improve operational efficiency, transforming healthcare delivery by connecting clinical staff to real-time patient data to improve outcomes

Virtual Care and Remote Monitoring

Improving patient care and ongoing engagement

Healthcare Provider

Driving improved patient experiences through trust development, real-time data analysis, increased patient engagement and overall lower cost of care

Precision Medicine

Journey towards predictive, preventive, personalized, and participatory care

Healthcare Provider

Turning big data into clinical insights to understand and prevent disease, using social determinants of health and diagnostic / genomic data to deliver personalized care

Digital Hospital Services

Optimize provider workflow and facility management to improve patient outcomes while reducing costs

Healthcare Provider

Identification and orchestration of data sources through best practices and machine learning analytics

Clinical & Business Services Support

Redesigning business processes, implementing best practices and increasing ROI

Healthcare Provider

Healthcare focused consulting and application management services that support our client’s critical financial and operational needs

Post Market Surveillance

Reduce risk and boost efficiency with automated PMS and vigilance solutions

Medical Devices

Transform your complaints handling, PMS and vigilance operations while driving operational excellence and regulatory compliance for global markets

Manufacturing and Supply Chain

Transform medical device manufacturing and supply with Intelligent and innovative solutions

Medical Devices

Medical device manufacturing, labeling, packaging and supply chain optimization, meeting all required standards

Interoperable Clinical Platforms

Transform patient experience while driving efficiencies

Healthcare Provider

Developing ongoing positive patient experiences partnered with staff engagement and efficiency by innovating at speed to digitalize workflows

Interoperable Payer Platforms

Transform the member experience while driving efficiencies

Healthcare Payer

Atos delivers interoperable data-driven platforms to Payer organizations, providing collaboration tools and 360-degree decision making for patient well-being

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