Where physical and digital collide

Online customer behavior and social networking are driving a retail revolution.

There will be no survivors in retail – only winners and losers


Think about it. Retail brands that we grew up will disappear overnight while new online players can achieve global dominance in just a couple of years.

Every winning retailer needs a strategy which triangulates online, in-store and delivery to fit brand and objective. It’s about what suits you and your business: the weekly food order is different from the celebration handbag.

Atos is a business technology partner to some of the world’s best known retail brands, for example RS Components.

We’re transforming retail floor-space for digital engagement. We’re offering the advanced analytics and cloud-based models you need to imagine and implement winning new retail models – with particular emphasis on customer personalization.

More than in any other industry – retailers benefit from exuberant digital collaboration.


Atos Scientific community estimates that 84% of smartphone owners use their phones in store. How will you turn that to mutual advantage?

The Retail Market


Think digital in Retail!

Video statement from Philippe Miltin on the retail market and Atos recommendations.

Customer transformation challenges

Separation dash


Consider digital transformation in retail from four critical perspectives

Customer experience

Consumers’ digital preferences evolve at warp speed! How can you anticipate and engage with winning style?

Operational excellence

You want to meet ethical obligations and need to succeed on aggressive margins – can you set the standard for operational efficiency?

Business reinvention

Geo-location, contextual advertising, open innovation, customer service extension – how are you exploiting digital to reinvent retail?

Trust and compliance

You know your customers (and partners) better if they have trust in your processes, systems and behaviors. Is your security fit for the challenge?

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