Winning in retail

Succeed in conquering your retail challenges

Technological advantages are crucial to compete

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Embracing digital transformation is the key to succeed

Atos provides end-to-end retail solutions that: 

• Blend the best of online and instore worlds

• Provide memorable customer experience

• Increase operational efficiency

• Enable sales growth

• Eliminate manual and repetitive tasks

• Incorporate cutting-edge innovations

• Protect against data breaches

• Improve sustainability

What our clients say about us


Offering customers a unique, seamless, rich, personalized omni-channel service

Coca-Cola HBC

Connecting over 500,000 coolers to deliver real-time customer engagement

Speciality Retailer

Retailer upgraded its bricks with clicks and reduced IT maintenance costs by 50%


Delivering a digital sales support app for an enhanced customer experience and real-time showcase of products

Atos Retail Solutions

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Ubiquitous customer engagement

Conversational Commerce

Take the customer dialogue outside
the walls of the store

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Enable true omni-channel retailing across all your channels

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Connected Coolers

Engage nearby consumers, monitor stock levels, and optimize your assets

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Immersive Shopping 

Engage your customer’s sense

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Retail supply & delivery chains

Intelligent Supply Chain

Reduce cost and increase supply chain visibility

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Intelligent Warehouse 

Optimize warehouse space planning and management

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Last Mile Delivery 

Lower the significant cost of last mile delivery

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Theft & Fraud Prevention

Minimize losses from shrinkage

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Retail merchandising intelligence

Pricing & Promotion Analytics

Maximize the effectiveness of pricing & promotion

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Forecasting & Demand Planning

Predict the optimum timing and quantity to stock products

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Store Inventory Management

Manage sourcing, storing and selling inventory

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Immersive shopping experiences

Todays’ customers are looking for highly personalized, interactive experiences to connect with innovative brands and shop anywhere and at any time. In the fast-paced world of consumer retail, how can you stand out from the competition with exciting experiences while ensuring maximum safety and security for your customers?

Atos OneCloud for Retail

Building your cloud forward future in retail

Digital natives expect “anytime, anywhere” access to goods and services, and are far more loyal to convenience than they are to brands. Since many retailers can spend as much as 75% of their IT budgets maintaining older platforms and applications, making these “big iron” systems available 24/7 can be a daunting task.

With Atos OneCloud, we enable retailers to move even the most entrenched technology applications to the cloud.

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In the past two years, organizations have increasingly moved toward using multiple public and private cloud providers in a hybrid model.

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Are you future ready for retail?


In this unprecedented time, how do you connect with customers to drive your retail business? How do you go a step further to get the full benefit of digital technologies and new, data-driven business models?

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