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Digital is transforming the automotive industry.  Every aspect of production, ownership, on-road experience and environmental impact is disrupted by advances in digital technology.

Digital redefines the future of automotive


Global trends in urbanization, climate change, digitalization and shifting economic power all challenge the automotive industry directly. The new automotive business model is customer service-centric. In this new world, mobility becomes both shared and autonomous.

Rigid barriers between automotive and other sectors dissolve too. The rise of electric vehicles, for example, creates new synergies between automotive and urban infrastructure organizations.

Massive change occurs inside the factory and the supply chain, as ever-more advanced robotics, data analytics and virtualized computing models gain momentum.

And as increasingly customer-centric automotive models come to dominate the industry, so the need for balanced agility and data security increase in importance.

As a partner, Atos has the automotive, the manufacturing and business technology knowledge needed for the digital transformation ahead.

PWC estimates that up to 20% of all vehicles will be autonomous by 2030.

Automotive: a perfect storm

How is the whole principle of care ownership being challenged?

Customer transformation challenges

Look at digital transformation in automotive from four perspectives …

Customer experience

How do you turn one-time vehicle purchases into life-time mobility partnerships, from design through to eventual decommission?

Operational excellence

How can analytics contribute to outstanding build and service quality across global supply and distribution chains?

Business reinvention

Where are your new alliances and opportunities? With shared use, for example, what’s the relationship between automotive and transportation?

Trust and compliance

Can your cyber-security strategy contribute actively to both customer loyalty and industry compliance?


Hannover Messe 2017: Visit Atos

As a global leader in digital transformation with strong European and German roots, Atos will guide you to Industry 4.0 and the data-centric economy. See how at the Hannover Messe 2017, where we focus on data-driven solution scenarios for the manufacturing industry, presenting compelling use cases and innovative technologies.

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Siemens and Atos expand their strategic alliance

“We are very happy with the development of the Alliance over the past five years. The Alliance has driven additional joint order intake for both companies, it has sparked many new innovations and it has contributed to improved shareholder returns. I am also pleased that Atos is a key ecosystem partner for our MindSphere industrial cloud platform.”

Roland Busch, member of the Managing Board of Siemens AG and member of the Board of Atos SE.

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Industry 4.0 SAP HANA

Learn how, as a leading exponent of SAP HANA, Atos is guiding clients through the digital transformation to Industry 4.0.

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