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We are in the middle of the digitalization era – where agile businesses and new technology-driven environments are already causing deep transformations. An era where the focus on delivering the best in Customer and Employee Experience is crucial for competing within our industry. An era of required wise balance – could do vs. should do, security vs. privacy, ethical AI.
Our clients are expecting us to assist them in successfully driving their businesses in a world of unprecedented opportunities. It is our job to help them transform their organizations while at the same time to protect their data and promote a culture of digital responsibility

`Our aim is to advance the organization to live, learn tell and inspire digital transformation, supporting our statement of purpose to help design the future of the information technology space.´

Philippe Mareine, Chief Digital and Transformation Officer

`Digital NOW is supporting our organization transformation to be more adaptable to the continuous fast pace environment, to learn and adapt to new ways of working while we provide the best in class employee and customer Digital experience and enhancing Atos thought leadership. ´

Javier Ponce, Head of Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation Program

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We are making the day-to-day easier for our employees and clients by digitally transforming their experiences via access to an internally developed ecosystem of applications, addressing a wide range of business scopes.


Making the onboarding process of employees a better, smoother experience for everyone



Atos’ Agile Digital People Management solution



Become the CEO of your career development



Your Atos support team is just one tap away, anywhere and anytime



Democratizing sustainability objectives with a gamified environment



Executive cockpit that provides insights (via data integration, reporting and notifications) to empower decision-making and collaboration


Atos SafeOffice

Supporting employers and employees through the ‘back-to-office’ process

Atos Safe Office provides mechanisms to simplify the complex process of returning to office, with a focus on employee safety and peace-of-mind through clear communication, easy-to-use booking management; and an “operations control” module to set capacity plans, follow-up, real-time, the impact of the activity, and to tackle, in a single place, any potential emergencies

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Atos Vote Application

Test of a Blockchain application for Atos’ Annual General Meeting on June 16, 2020

Atos enables a new digital channel for shareholders to securely submit their votes at general meetings, through a new digitalized and trusted approach where they can register for events, cast their votes, and view their results from their mobile, more relevant nowadays after Covid-19. This channel appears unique and disruptive by using blockchain technology, and was achieved thanks to Atos’ multi-skilled teams building up on its ability to orchestrate different expert teams and technologies and to forge new paths.

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