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The Journey

A Digital Transformation Program is built upon a framework of strategic goals as defined by an organization, such as:

  • Elevate client experience
  • Cut unnecessary operational costs
  • Improve employee satisfaction
  • Drive company competitiveness

The Digital Transformation Program builds a plan through exhaustive exercises to identify the key strategic initiatives that the company must address moving forward.

This exercise begins with a design phase to consolidate key takeaways from interviews with Experts & Senior Leaders, inputs from colleagues in the field, suggestions from clients, as well as expert insights from partners, analysts and vendors across the board.

This initial wave generates key inputs, which are leveraged in a working session with the Executive Committee (Atos’ session took place August 2018) to direct Wave 1 of the program’s journey. This first wave of initiatives is executed and subsequent waves of identifying valuable projects and prioritizing them accordingly will take place moving forward.

See the steps below on how Atos has kickstarted our own Digital Transformation Program!

The Atos Approach

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Our Framework – Flower

All project proposals are mapped across 12 “Petals.” Each petal belongs to one of 4 strategic domains comprising our digital transformation.

New Digital Transformation Petal
  • Quick wins
  • Key, strategic programs (DT2019)

Atos Reaches 7th in the eCAC40 Digital Maturity Ranking

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Every year, the French business newspaper “Les Echos” publishes the eCAC40 ranking assessing the digital maturity of the largest French companies listed in the CAC40 Euronext Paris index, based on 43 criteria.

Atos is ranked highest among IT service companies and is rising at the fastest past, as showcased by our 24 place jump to 7th in 2018.

This is one of the first outcomes of the following significant efforts:

  • Appointment of Chief Digital Officer and launch of Digital Transformation function in February 2018
  • Implementation of an ambitious training plan
  • Artificial Intelligence partnership with Google
  • Quantum computing research funding

Deep Dive

Making Digital Transformation real every day!

The Atos Digital Transformation Program is accelerating continuous transformation with a new way of working, providing significant benefits to all users. As part of the program, we now present the Mobile Digital Workplace which allows you to access the most relevant services from your mobile device anywhere, anytime.

The Atos Digital Transformation Program has been developed to achieve three strategic goals:

  • Drive company competitiveness
  • Improve employee satisfaction
  • Elevate client experience

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