Atos Vote

Atos successfully used its own technology on the occasion of its Shareholders’ Ordinary Meeting on October 27, 2020. Following the first test carried out at the Annual General Meeting held on June 16, 2020, Atos SE has again made available to its employees who are registered shareholders its self-developed voting platform “Atos Vote”© using blockchain technology, available on Android and iOS smartphones.

Atos enables a new digital channel for shareholders to securely submit their votes at general meetings, through a new digitalized and trusted approach where they can register for events, cast their votes, and view their results from their mobile, more relevant nowadays after Covid-19. This channel appears unique and disruptive by using blockchain technology, and was achieved thanks to Atos’ multi-skilled teams building up on its ability to orchestrate different expert teams and technologies and to forge new paths.

Mobile App


Multilanguage, worldwide platform available via website, Android and Apple devices

Key Value for Users

This digitalization effort to improve the voting process enables greater flexibility, along with a new and improved experience for our users.
  • Shareholders now have the flexibility to leverage this application anywhere and anytime, on any device. The mobile versions are deployed on the public app stores for IOS and Android, where the native app can be found.
  • Our development and user experience experts have collaborated closely with our Legal Experts and Shareholders to produce a design and functionalities that will drive a best-in-class user experience. In addition to the core functionality to register, vote, and review votes, we have also added enhanced automations like proxy voting or “bulk” voting to cast “For” on all prompts.
Secure By Design

    The application is secure by design, bringing a new level of security in online voting with 3 key elements:
  • Authentication: By using double factor authentication and biometrics of the user.
  • Authorization / Unicity: Authorization of the user through blockchain wallet. By Using blockchain immutable layer as underlying technology to secure the unique voting process by an user.
  • Cryptography: the blockchain content can only be un-encrypted through private key (blockchain wallet) stored in the use phone after the registration process in the app fully encrypted in your device.

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Head of Digital Transformation

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