Supporting employers and employees through the ‘back-to-office’ process

Atos Safe Office provides mechanisms to simplify the complex process of returning to office, with a focus on employee safety and peace-of-mind through clear communication, easy-to-use booking management; and an “operations control” module to set capacity plans, follow-up, real-time, the impact of the activity, and to tackle, in a single place, any potential emergencies.

Mobile App

Multilanguage, worldwide platform available via website, Android and Apple devices

Plan and Go

  • Allows self-declaration of compliance to pre-requisites, as per specific country standards
  • Booking engine, enabling granularity depending on the site/location:
    • Time slot management
    • Booking conditions to ensure full compliance
    • Override of capacity limits for VIP / Essential workers
  • Notifications to support specific local policies (i.e. reminder to check temperature before leaving for work)
  • Visitor mode: The application allows employees to invite people to the office with two key advantages - access control within capacity limits, communication of procedures pre-visit
  • Upon arrival at the office, quick touch-less validation of completed booking
  • ‘Check in’ mode to enable location-specific services
  • The pre-booking system can be used in integration with other systems as one of the pre-conditions for badge functioning
  • Where applicable, a QR code solution can be implemented to identify the individual and booking
Be Informed

  • Safe Office enables easy-to-digest, simple, official documentation around safety protocols, available PPE materials, and behaviors and how-to guides.
  • Structured and curated regional and local content to keep informed and well informed encouraging “safety first” practices.
  • Enables communications of emergencies and relevant updates by the crisis coordination teams via push notifications and SMS, from one single point of entry.
Local community

  • Conversational chat to ensure direct communication among all “checked-in” employees (per site and specific day)
  • Ability to create communities to manage Digital interactions supporting the help and solidarity amongst employees – minimizing in-office movements and favoring social distancing.
  • Guidance on how to perform the volunteering / support activities while keeping others safe by encouraging social distancing.
Command Center

  • Platform that enables easy management of “return to office” programs, defining:
    • Target populations and capacity per building / floor / area
    • VIP / Essential personnel (manual override of capacity limits)
  • Follow-up, in one single place, of all the indicators of the program: status overview per region/site/floor, emergencies/challenges, adherence
  • Send targeted emergency communications to in-office personnel when necessary
  • Establish and configure self-declaration forms with pre-requisites for employees to go back to the office
  • Manage available documentation
  • In global organizations, distribute and delegate any of these controls to local management.
  • If the user does not have a mobile phone, the reception personnel can also check the booking details in the command center

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